Menstrual Cups

Casco Cup


Country of origin: USA (FDA registered)
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  “1” (Small) and “2” (Large)
Dimensions: 1 = 42mm diameter, 70mm long including stem.  2 = 46mm diameter, 70mm long including stem.
Capacity: 1 = 30ml , 2 = 40ml
Stem:  short/Ball
Measuring Lines: Yes (7.5 & 15ml)
Cost (RRP):  $22.99  [Currency Converter]
Been around since: 2016
Unique Design?: Sort of (See below)
Other Details: Comes with a storage container. This cup is sold by the manufacturer (Casco Bay Molding) – who also makes Lincup, Lifecup and Green Cup of Maine).

Casco Cup looks very similar to Lincup, but are different cups.


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The website mentions 2 cup sizes, but doesn’t give any information on the measurements.  However, this cup looks very similar in design to the Lamazuna cup, which is also made in France.

lamazuna afreecup

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Country: Sweden
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  “S/M”(Small) “M/L” (large)
Stem: Long thin stem
Measuring Lines: Yes
Cost (RRP): $ ??   [Currency Converter]
Been around since: 2015
Unique design?:   Maybe  — The image on the website (shown above) shows a unique cup, but a commenter on this post says they have seen a website with what looks like a Lunette with a photoshopped logo onto it.  So this could be a concept art picture and not a photo of the actual cup.
Other Details: Website doesn’t seem to have a way to purchase the cup.  Since the company that sells them (Belladot) also makes sex toys, the cups may be sold through “adult” shops?

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Super Jennie


Country: USA
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes: 1 (large) – with plans to bring out a small size
Dimensions: 47mm diameter, 52mm length (without stem), 68mm including stem.
Capacity: 42ml
Stem: Rounded short stick
Measuring Lines: Yes
Been around since: Trademarked Dec 2014
Unique Design?: Yes (This cup design has not been seen in other brands of cup)
Other: Manufactured in the US, Registered with the FDA.  Available in colours (Pink, Blue and Teal)

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lamazuna [Translated to English]

Country of origin: France
Composition: Medical Grade Platinum Silicone
Sizes:  1 (small), 2 (large)
DimensionsSize 1 – 42mm Diameter, 47mm Long without stem, 62mm long with stem.  Size 2 – 46mm Diameter, 52 mm long without stem, 67mm long with stem
CapacitySize 1:  23ml, Size 2: 30ml
Stem: Rounded
Measuring Lines: No
Cost (RRP): € 29.90
Been around since: 2014
Unique Design?: Yes (This unique cup design appears to have been created by this brand)
Other Details: 4 Airholes.  Comes with an organic cotton pouch. Lamazuna also sells the Natu cup in a Lamazuna branded bag.

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My (Own) Cup


Country of origin: South Africa
Composition: Unknown – website says: “The Medical grade, non-absorbant material does not contain any silicone, proteins, PVC, latex, bleach, deodorant or absorbing gels and is therefore hypoallergenic.”
Sizes: 1
Dimensions: 45mm diameter
Capacity:  Unknown
Stem: Flat Tab (Different to other cups)
Measuring Lines: Unknown
Cost (RRP): R 205.00
Been around since: Unknown (1014?)
Unique Design?: Yes (This cup design has not been seen in other brands of cup)
Other Details: Website doesn’t say what the cups are made from.


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Cup Brands with no details

There are a few “branded” (named) cups available, but who don’t give enough information for me to give them a page of their own. Some of the links to them may no longer be available when they sell out of that listing.  But you can always do a search based on the name.

So until I get more information on them, I’m putting them all here on the same page.  Please note that some of these cups appear to be suspiciously similar to other cups available.  See Similar/Rebranded Cups.


“Unique” and “Original” Brands
These brands are either the first or the only cups to feature their particular style features.

  • Carrefour (Fairly Unique Design -Wide flat tab, but opaque)
  • Smartcup (Unique Design – Long solid thick stem – different flower/butterfly/leaf designs on the side)

carrefour smartcup

Carrefour | Smart Cup


Suspected “Rebranded” and “Copied” Brands
These brands appear to have taken significant design elements from “original” brands (eg it would be difficult to tell them apart by looking at them), and/or have multiple other brands all sharing what appears to be the same design (eg they appear to be the same design given different brand names).

continuon cupissima  easycup smartcup_fleur

Continuon | Cupissima | Easy Cup | Sileu | Smart Cup


crystalcup leasen liscup mcup

Crystal Cup | Leasen | Lis Cup | MCup

pixiecup  prettywoman

Pixie Cup | Pretty Woman

avaloona2 easycupsbox femmeessentials

 Ava Loona | Easy Cups | Femme Essentials |

lola sileu vidacup

Lola Cup | Sileu |  Vida Cup


avaloona3 ConsciousBotanics vjaycup

 | Ava Loona | ConsciousBotanics | Vijay Cup




The “Continuon” listing was previously was calling them a “Cerene”, but photos in the reviews of people who bought a “Cerene” cup clearly shows “iCare” brand packaging.


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Amy Cup

amycup-coppa-singola-s amycupcrystal2  [Translated into English]  Multiple language instructions

Country of origin: Italy
Composition: Platinum Silicone
Sizes:  “S” (Small) “M” (medium)
Dimensions: Original: Unknown  “Crystal”:  S = 42mm diameter, 45mm long without stem, 67mm long including stem.  M = 47mm diameter, 48mm long without stem, 70mm long including stem.
Capacity: “Crystal”: S = 24mls (airholes?) 28mls (rim?).  M = 34ml (airholes?) 38mls (rim?)
Stem: Original: N/A  “Crystal”: Long thin stem
Measuring Lines: Unknown
Cost (RRP):   €22  [Currency Converter]
Guarantee: Unknown
Been around since: Unknown (Original: 2014?  Crystal: 2015)
Unique Design?: Yes (This cup design appears to have been created by this brand and has not been seen used by other brands)
Other Details:  I have not been able to find any of the details of the original cup – that cup is a very different design to any others, and comes with an optional insertion device/applicator.  There is now a “Crystal” version, shaped like a standard Menstrual Cup, seemingly available in blue only.


Amycup Original, with applicator, storage container and lubricant.


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Un-named Menstrual Cup brands

There are HEAPS (seriously HEAPS!) of cheap cups available on AliExpress, ebay, Amazon and other such sites.

Most of them are listings for what appears to be the same cups. Most of them don’t have a brand name, so I can’t list them individually on my site, since I don’t have a name to reference them with…. and a lot of them don’t list the measurements either (not very helpful)….. So I am putting all the cups styles with no name in this post.

Links to these cups may disappear (particularly if they are amazon/aliexpress/ebay listings), but I’ll do my best to show what is available, and provide links to search those main sites for cups, so you can search for them yourself.

I’ve split my thoughts on cheap cups (safety and ethical concerns) to a separate post, so I could use this post to showcase the actual cups. See “Cheap Cups part 2” post for my 2c worth on the safety and ethical concerns with cheap cups.

If you’re wanting to find these cheap cups, try searching for “menstrual cup” in your cheap website of choice.  Such as:


 Unbranded Cup Examples

There are *MANY* more than this, but this gives you an idea of what styles are available.


Moon/Heart stemmed cups:
cheapcup_07 cheapcup_01  cheapcup_01b cheapcup_13

Unnamed #1Unnamed#2 | Unnamed #3
(Very cute!  Though sadly they aren’t practical as the heart/moon tends to irritate. So people often have to trim them off)


Tab stem cups:

 cheapcup_03 cheapcup_05 cheapcup_10 unnamed_01

Unnamed #1 | Unnamed #2 | Unnamed #3 | Unnamed #4

These are often the “Aneer” or “iCare” brand of cups, being sold with generic boxes (or no boxes) and no name.  Aneer/iCare tend to be the very shiny looking cups.  The opaque #4 cups are listed with measurements of  Small: 41/36/72 large: 46/38/74  (Could be Diameter/length of stem/length with stem?)


Other Shape/Design cups:

cheapcup_06 cheapcup_04

Unnamed | Unnamed

The first pic is the “Eva” style cup with a short thick stem and gridlike pattern on the base, the second has a wide-flat tab stem and is commonly sold in a “menstrual cup” box and with either a hot pink pouch (like the first pic), or the gold satin pouch.


Heart embossed cup

cheapcup_16 cheapcup_heart

Unnamed cup on Aliexpress by “Zhida Xintai” also on Amazon by “Anderson Global Trading”.   This one looks similar in design to the Yuuki cup (perhaps a narrower stem), and has a heart design on the side of the cup.  It also sometimes lists it as being made from Food-grade silicone not medical grade.  Measurements given are S=43mm diameter, 70mm length, 25ml capacity.
M=47mm diameter, 75mm length, 30mls capacity.


Collapsing/Folding menstrual Cup


Basically the same idea (slightly different shape) to the Lily Compact.  Found on AliExpress.


Ring Pull Stem Cup


Found on AliExpress – The listing says it’s food grade silicone

Small:  43mm diameter, 85mm length, 25mm stem.  Capacity:  15ml (airholes), 20mls to rim.

Large: 46mm diameter, 87mm length, 20mm stem.  Capacity:  15ml (airholes), 25mls to rim.

“Discharge” cup (assume valve-stem?)


This cup design is weirdly interesting, although I don’t have a name for it, it deserved it’s own post here.  Find the cup for sale here.



See also similar-or-same-cups

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Country of origin: Germany
Composition: FDA approved TPE (thermoplastic elastomer)
Sizes: “S” (small), “M” (medium), “L” (large) and “XL” (Extra Large).  Also a range of “Shorty” sizes, which are shorter cups – ShortyS, ShortyM, ShortyL, ShortyXL.
Dimensions & Capacity:
S =38mm diameter, 45mm long without stem. 15mls to airholes, 23ml to rim.
M = 41mm diameter, 48mm long without stem. 20mls to airholes, 28ml to rim.
L = 44mm diameter, 51mm long without stem. 24mls to airholes, 34ml to rim.
XL = 47mm diameter, 56mm long without stem. 30mls to airholes, 42mls to rim.
Shorty S = 38mm diameter, 35mm long without stem. 8ml to airholes, 15mls to rim.
Shorty M = 41mm diameter, 38mm long without stem. 10ml to airholes, 18mls to rim.
Shorty L = 44mm diameter, 41mm long without stem. 14mls to airholes, 22mls to rim.
Shorty XL = 47mm diameter, 44mm long without stem. 16mls to airholes, 27mls to rim.
Stem: “Stem” (cross between a flat tab and a rounded thick stem), ball, ring or basic (no stem)
Measuring Lines: No
Cost (RRP): € 15.00 [Currency Converter]
Been around since: Early June 2009
Unique Design?: Yes (This cup design appears to have been created by this brand and has not been seen used by other brands)
Review – Meluna old:
Review – new Glitter Cup:
Other Details: Several Colours available, with glitter versions as well.  Not only offers a choice of stem, but also a choice of how hard or soft you would like.  First cup manufacturer to offer the additional ball/ring or no stem options, and the only manufacturer to offer these different options.

TPE is a (BPA-free) plastic that is used to make medical equipment such as catheters, as well as other products such as baby bottle teats and some vibrators. (It may also be the same material as Insteads disposable cups are made from).

MeLunanew MeLunanew2 MeLunanew3


Holy Cup are rebranding MeLuna cups in Brazil. Silja are manufacturing MeLuna design cups from silicone

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