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Yuuki Cup


Country of origin: Czech Republic
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes: 1 (small) and 2 (large)
Dimensions: Size 1 = length (including stem) 67mm, diameter 42mm.  Size 2 = length (including stem) 75mm, diameter 47mm
Capacity: Size 1 = 13ml to airholes, 24mls to rim.  Size 2 = 25mls to airholes, 37 ml to rim.
Stem: Hollow Tube
Measuring Lines: Yes
Cost (RRP): 19EUR [Currency Converter]
Guarantee: 2 years
Been around since: 2007
Unique Design?: Yes (This cup design was created by this brand, but appears to have been partially copied by other brands)
Other Details: They replaced the previously solid stems with hollow tube stems (as of about late 2010).  They also now offer a classic and soft version.

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  1. Have you heard of the “Alicia”? Apparently made by an Australian woman in India. Not sure if you are still around the LiveJournal cup community, but there’s been lots of discussion about it lately. If you want one, I have the details (but it seems that she’s not giving away free samples). Still, at $30 each I think it is the cheapest cup on the market.

    Comment by Elizabby | January 11, 2009

  2. The Yuuki site is back up. I wish I read Czech!

    Comment by Dina | January 31, 2009

  3. If you click on the icon of the UK’s flag at the top left of the page it’s translated into English.

    Comment by marj | March 8, 2009

  4. Guess what! The Yuuki now has an English version of it’s site, AND it’s on sale for 13euro!!!!

    Comment by redhead74 | March 26, 2009

  5. Hi. Just click on a small British flag in the right upper corner and everything will be in English. The Yuuki cup look really nice, cost 13 Euro, but shipping outside EU is abt 15 Euros 😦

    Comment by Anna | April 27, 2009

  6. Hi ladies!
    I am an experienced user of Ladycup and Femmecup and I am happy using them. A few weeks ago I received Yuuki cups I ordered for my niece and friends. I was very much disappointed!!!
    The box looks VERY CHEAP! You can see a glue. The manual looks like it was printed on a printer. The small cup is ok. Not very good, but ok. Stiff enough, just like my Ladycup. The stem is solid, but soft, like a clear rubber. But the big cup is too soft. Much softer than the small one. Almost like thick condom. I just don’t see them opening inside. Definitely it will be a problem to get it pop-up. Plus I ordered 2 big cups. And the 2 absolutely identical cups are different. One is softer than another. Isn’t that strange? They don’t look produced professionally.
    The big cup itself is a little bigger than big Ladycup, the stem is hollow and very soft. The same width, but 2-3 mm longer, air-holes are very small and located under the rim. That helps to keep 3-5 ml more than LC. I would not buy the cup if I saw it in a store and could try the firmness with my fingers.
    It was not easy to pay the invoice first, but we have fixed it with a lady from Yuuki. Finally I paid with Paypal. I transferred the money on June 10. They mailed the cups on June 15. Other companies did it within 24 hours. The worst thing I discovered about the company and their service is that they listed 10 Euros for shipping to Ukraine, while Ladycup charges 2,99 Euros mailing me from the same Czech republic, Femmecup has free shipping! But… when I received the package today I saw a postage stamp with exactly the same postal service seals and price about 3,78 Euros for 3 boxes, not the 10 Euros they listed. How do you like that?
    I wrote them a polite letter saying that I would like to return 2 big cups as I found them useless for me. I had not tried them, just observed, and i didn’t like what I saw. The YUUKI did not reply. After 6 days I wrote them again, they pretend they don’t get my letters. I hoped they cared about company reputation and would take the unused cups back as they promise on their web site. But they seem to be very unprofessional!!!
    So basing on my own experience I recommend not to buy YUUKI cup because of its cheap quality, terrible service and cheating with the shipping price.
    Maybe somebody uses the cups and is happy. Good luck! 🙂 I am just sharing my opinion.

    Comment by Anna | July 7, 2009

  7. Hello ladies,
    we would like to react on these comments.
    1) Box – the box is our original product and it is possible that it doesn´t suit to everybody. But we still think that the box is practical and safer to keep the cup in. In offer is now added extra bag. So everybody can now decide if they like to get the bag or just the box.
    2) thickness – bouth sizes have the same thickness (30 shore) but it can seem that the bigger size is softer, but that is made only becouse of the size. In technology way is not possible to produce different thikness of cups, the mould doesn´t let it.
    3) delivery – it is written in conditions – 4 EUR for the cup in EU. Mostly we send the order as soon as possible – 48 hours, latest is 5-10 working days.
    All prices and delivery conditions are mention on web pages. Everybody can read it before making order. If the order is made, that means they agree with all conditions.
    4) return order – till this day we have never recieved any cups back.
    We don´t know too much what to think about all this…

    We hope that ladies that have the cup YUUKI are satisfied with it. We continually try to improve quality of our services and products. For any comments we are very gratefull.
    Best regards
    Team Yuuki

    Comment by yuuki team | September 6, 2009

  8. I just bought a Yuuki cup (larger size) off of ebay. I couldn’t be happier with it. I have been using the Diva for a while and I liked it, but thought I would try this one. It “pops open” even better for me than the Diva. I think the capacity is higher than the Diva too. It also seems not to leak quite as much. I do wish that it came with a nice drawstring bag, but not a big issue. Yuuki team – please keep selling these on ebay – your site is a bit hard to navigate and ebay is so easy. It did take a while to arrive, but it is shipping from overseas so I expected that.

    Comment by Buster24 | February 8, 2010

  9. I’m new to the whole menstrual cup thing and did quite a bit of research on the different brands before settling on one to try. I settled for Yuuki and although I’ve just started using it, it seems fine to me. I’ll let you know if I have any issues in the future.

    Comment by Sam | April 5, 2010

  10. I’ve just bought a Yuuki cup & (so far) I am very happy with it! Insertion took me 10 minutes and 6 attempts (because I was scared that it would hurt when it popped open). I am 23, a virgin, and have a fairly low cervix (5cm in). I’ve only used it on a dry run so I don’t know if it leaks, but insertion was painfree and I didn’t feel anything when it ‘popped’ open (which it did easily). Pushing it in took longer than with a tampon(because the cup is bigger than my vagina is used to), but it wasn’t painful.

    When fully inserted the stem was about 1cm outside of my vaginal canal, but it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would (I could sit down fine). I wore the cup for 2 hours and it was quite comfortable, although I will trim the stem down. Urinating with the cup in wasn’t a problem for me (it was still comfortable).

    Removing the cup was very easy and quick, I just squished the base & pulled it out (because I have a low cervix I could find the base easily). Taking it out hurt a little bit, because the rim was ‘open’ when it came out (I couldn’t fold it). Next time I’ll try tilting it when I remove it so only part of the rim comes out at first.

    I’m very happy with the Yuuki cup so far (as long as it doesn’t leak), and I think I prefer it to tampons. For me, tampons are more painful to insert & at least as painful to remove as a cup (because they are so dry that removing them requires some tugging, which makes me feel like they are pulling my uterus out too). The cup is made of silicon which meant that it ‘slipped’ in and out of my vagina fairly easily although it was larger than a tampon. With a bit of practice I think that using the cup will be pretty much painfree.

    Comment by Amelia | October 21, 2010

  11. Just wanted to pipe in and say that I love my yuuki! It’s my first cup, but I don’t think there’s any reason I’d try a different one. I got the small size and I usually have no trouble getting it in and out, and it forms a good seal. The box and leaflet are written in the most awful English you’ll ever hear, but the cup is well made and that’s all that matters.

    Comment by jojo | November 11, 2010

  12. I love to try this cup in a small size. I previously tried a small Ladycup and small Lunette in Selene and Clear colors. I think I will order off eBay soon. Thank-you for the informative review!

    Comment by Helen | March 15, 2011

  13. I bought the Yuuki cups off their website and they arrived soon after. Have been using them for my last 2 periods and I found no problems with them. I am quite happy with my purchase and I don’t think I’ll ever need to use tampons again.

    Comment by MalteseUser | March 20, 2011

  14. I’ve been using the UK Mooncup for a few years but sometimes it leaks when getting full. (I have very very heavy periods). Anyway, since using the Yuuki cup, I am extremely pleased. I use he large cup and find absolutely no leaks! I can go to work and do my everyday tasks without worrying about leaking. The company are great and I got my Yuuki for under £18 delivered!
    Thankyou Yuuki

    Comment by Annabel | May 8, 2011

  15. Definitely the best cup I have used. easy to use and clean- best capacity- and it has never leaked! I love it! So far I have used it for three cycles-and previously used Ladycup for two years

    Comment by JG | May 19, 2011

  16. i just got my first yuuki a couple weeks ago, ordered off ebay and have to say i love it! For the first time in years i slept through the night on the heaviest day of my period, such a relief. i wonder why these cups arent marketed more in the us but its probably because of the feminine product companies lobbying. i have a very heavy period and am grateful to not have to wear thick heavy pads And tampons and have to carry half a box of them with me everywhere and feAr i may run out…this product has changed my life!!

    Comment by lauren | July 5, 2011

  17. I am looking to buy a large Yuuki that is the older style. I have tried so many places with no avail. Does anyone have one that they would like to part with?

    Comment by TG | November 14, 2012

  18. Don’t buy yuuki cup from the official site! This guys are just fraudsters. I’ve payed for two cups and never recieved it. The seller ignores my moneyback requests. I don’t even think they sent me something. Our post services are very reliable, so it couldn’t be lost.

    Comment by Olga | June 16, 2013

  19. I love the Yuuki! I use the large Yuuki and I wish they had them even bigger. The Yuuki holds a little bit more than the Meluna XL, even though it is advertised Meluna XL holds 42ml and the Yuuki holds 37 (both to rim). I have both these cups and tested out the capacity myself.
    The only thing I don’t like about the cup is that my stem broke off about a year or so ago. I still use it but only with a tiny stem now. It’s the hollow stem. I guess I should have broken the seal first.

    Comment by bluemoon79 | September 18, 2015

  20. New update. The Yuuki has a “Yuuki Eco” cup now that comes just in a fabric pouch for a cheaper price.

    Comment by Hillary Potts | July 23, 2016

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