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Cup Brands with no details

There are a few “branded” (named) cups available, but who don’t give enough information for me to give them a page of their own. Some of the links to them may no longer be available when they sell out of that listing.  But you can always do a search based on the name.

So until I get more information on them, I’m putting them all here on the same page.  Please note that some of these cups appear to be suspiciously similar to other cups available.  See Similar/Rebranded Cups.


“Unique” and “Original” Brands
These brands are either the first or the only cups to feature their particular style features.

  • Carrefour (Fairly Unique Design -Wide flat tab, but opaque)
  • Smartcup (Unique Design – Long solid thick stem – different flower/butterfly/leaf designs on the side)

carrefour smartcup

Carrefour | Smart Cup


Suspected “Rebranded” and “Copied” Brands
These brands appear to have taken significant design elements from “original” brands (eg it would be difficult to tell them apart by looking at them), and/or have multiple other brands all sharing what appears to be the same design (eg they appear to be the same design given different brand names).

continuon cupissima  easycup smartcup_fleur

Continuon | Cupissima | Easy Cup | Sileu | Smart Cup


crystalcup leasen liscup mcup

Crystal Cup | Leasen | Lis Cup | MCup

pixiecup  prettywoman

Pixie Cup | Pretty Woman

avaloona2 easycupsbox femmeessentials

 Ava Loona | Easy Cups | Femme Essentials |

lola sileu vidacup

Lola Cup | Sileu |  Vida Cup


avaloona3 ConsciousBotanics vjaycup

 | Ava Loona | ConsciousBotanics | Vijay Cup




The “Continuon” listing was previously was calling them a “Cerene”, but photos in the reviews of people who bought a “Cerene” cup clearly shows “iCare” brand packaging.


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  1. The Liberty cup…interesting! If it’s a Si-Bell with actual grip rings (looks like there are grip “indents” near the base) I may need one…that’s the one thing, other than a slightly thicker stem, that I wish my Si-Bell had.

    Comment by MC community member | January 23, 2015

  2. I’d also love to see an actual Carrefour…the picture you have looks a bit different from the standard “knockoff” designs and is quite a pretty color.

    The PrettyWoman is an exact NaturalMamma knockoff (AliExpress also has them in green, like NM. Sounds like a case of NM factory employees selling their services to other knockoff companies after hours and using the same equipment…NMs are, too, made in China…). Interestingly it appears that the Pretty Woman comes in 2 sizes, unlike the NM, so if there is a bigger one available, that might interest those who like the NM style but need better capacity.

    If I didn’t already know that I’m better off with the combination of shortish cup + long stem, I’d take one for a spin. But if your pubic bone lies low and you don’t need a stem/tend to cut yours off, it’s a possibility.

    Comment by MC community member | January 29, 2015

  3. Ha, the squished Lunette knockoffs! (Dream Lover)…AliExpress sells a pink one but it’s under one of the other interchangeable brand names. The Large might actually be of use to people who really like the Lunette Small’s unique shape but need better capacity (because the Large doesn’t have the same shape)…same with the Pretty Woman having 2 sizes while the NaturalMamma doesn’t

    Comment by MC Community Member | February 25, 2015

  4. Here’s another one. Looks like a Lunette with a PSed “Diamond Cup” in script on the side. And I think they jacked a picture from RubyCup with the African girl holding the cup.

    Comment by MC Community Member | May 31, 2015

  5. The Natu cup is like the Si-bell but with grips on the base and a less ridged stem! Maybe that would work better for you.

    Comment by Gwen | July 21, 2015

  6. Swedish Monthly CUp isn’t a brand with no details. It is a real brand. It was been tested on EasyCup… It is a good one 🙂 a little stiff maybe !

    Comment by Lunastar | November 26, 2015

  7. “brands with no details” means that their website didn’t give me measurements and info to list them properly, so until I find the details to list them, they go here.

    Doesn’t mean they aren’t “proper” brands, it just means I don’t have enough info to warrant making a separate listing for them 🙂

    Comment by obsidian | November 26, 2015

  8. Basically this page is a holding page – where I can mention and link to brands, until I get the full details to list them on their own pages.

    Comment by obsidian | November 26, 2015

  9. If anyone has a large Lola cup and either a large Yuuki or a medium Luv Ur Body, I would really appreciate a side by side comparison pic (of the large Lola next to the large Yuuki and/or the large Lola next to the medium LUB). I can’t find one anywhere yet and I’d like to try the Lola (the website makes it look like an extra long cup, which I need), but I want to see visually how it compares to the ones I know first.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    Comment by parker | December 3, 2015

  10. And another one–looks like they took the Diva/iCare body and put a less wide and painful looking Natural Mamma type tab stem on it,searchweb201602_3_10034_507_10020_10001_2020015_10002_10017_10010_10005_10011_10006_10021_10003_10004_10022_10009_10008_10018_10019,searchweb201603_1&btsid=2e6c7e5f-fbe1-4217-b720-04ae7c481b88
    and the Meluna Shorty knockoff I posted earlier is called the “Ivita” in several AliExpress listings

    Comment by MC Community Member | March 20, 2016

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