Menstrual Cups


Country of origin: Colombia (Made in USA)
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  “1” (small) “2” (large)
Dimensions: 1 = 41mm diameter, 56mm long (8mm stem).  2 = 44mm diameter, 56mm long (8mm stem)
Capacity: 1 = 24mls, 2 = 37mls
Stem:  Short thick
Measuring Lines: Unknown
Cost (RRP):  COP$79,900  [Currency Converter]
Been around since: 2016
Unique Design?: No, there are other cups that have a similar shape.
Other Details: These cups resemble the Green Cup of Maine design.  I believe they are made by Casco Bay Molding (who also make Casco Cup, Lincup, Green Cup of Maine)




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