Menstrual Cups



Appears to be the Bassrose rebranded to “Femallay”.  1 size only,  70mm long including stem (stem cannot be trimmed), 38mm diameter. 15ml capacity.

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(Purchase from Amazon & Amazon)

Country of origin: China
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  One Size
Dimensions: 42mm diameter, 79mm long including stem (stem is not removable)
Capacity: 25mls to rim
Stem:  Hollow tube with valve
Measuring Lines: Unknown (there appears to be markings on the cup)
Cost (RRP):  $29.99-$55 [Currency Converter]
Unique design?: Yes
Other Details: These cups were first mentioned in my “unnamed discharge cups” post.  There is a video of the operation of the valve stem here.  The cup is emptied while left inserted, by squeezing the stem to open the slit that blocks off the inside of the stem (I have not tried this style of cup to know how efficient this method is, or if it leaks).   Appears to have 2 different kinds of packaging, depending on if you buy the set of 2 or the single cup (both look very unique and elegant)

aiwo2 aiwo3


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Stopper Stem Cup


Found on Alibaba (a site that sells wholesale, so I don’t know if they are available anywhere at retail prices/amounts) – this is a cup (with the same lines around the top as the Blossom/Dutchess etc. cups have) with a hollow tube stem that has an attached stopper on the end.  This would allow you to empty the cup while wearing it.

Sizes are listed as being Small: 35mm diameter, 7omm long, Large 40mm diameter, 80mm long

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Unnamed “Discharge” cups

(not the nicest post title :D)

unnamed_02 unnamed_02d unnamed_03 unnamed_04

Found by “Care for Women” on AliExpress

These cups are calling themselves a “discharge” cup, which is how they describe cups like the Bassrose, Victoria Love and Honey Moon, that can be emptied while still inside the vagina.

The last one shown above appears to be the same sort of design as the Victoria Love, and may empty from the sides of the stem rather than the bottom, with a ball inside to stop the cup leaking when not being emptied.

The other styles below don’t have any ball/stopper designs, so I’m not sure how the other styles work. Looking at the picture on the far right – perhaps it’s a split layer that will open when you squeeze the sides of the stem?

unnamed_02c unnamed_02e

~ Update ~
These cups are being sold under the name “Aiwo” – See the listing for them here (Aiwo)


Some of the AliExpress listings mention it being made from food-grade silicone though, not medical grade:


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Honeymoon Cup

honeymoon02 honeymoon01

You can find them here or here – or search AliExpress for “Discharge cup” (not a nice term for it I know, but that’s what they call them)

Measurements: 4mm diameter, 70mm long including stem (4omm long stem)  (One size)
Capacity: 25mls

I’d seen reference to this cup before, when Bassrose came out.  The old Bassrose product listings showed a cup with a stopper stem, referencing it as a 2nd Generation cup (with VictoriaLove as 3rd Gen, and Bassrose as 4th)


I recall discussing it with other knowledgeable cup-people, who mentioned a cup name I vaguely recall had honey in the name 😀  But we were never able to find any reference to it being sold anywhere.  Well, now it is!  The original design (the one Bassrose referenced) is shown on the Honey Moon certificates they include in the listing, and that looks like the cup that is shown on the box:


Which seems to have a very narrow stem with a pointy stopper that is used to stop the blood draining out.  However the cup itself seems to have been redesigned to include a ball-valve like the Bassrose cup, but with a body shape more similar to standard menstrual cups.  I’m not sure what the extra stopper pieces are for?  It could be that you have the option of using either the balls or the stoppers?

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AliExpress search

Country of origin: China
Composition: “Silicone”
Sizes:  1
Dimensions: 70mm Long,  40mm diameter
Capacity:  20mls
Stem: Hollow tube with a ball valve
Measuring Lines: no
Cost (RRP): Unknown (Can buy from around $8 USD)
Been around since: Unknown (2014?)
Unique Design?: Yes (This cup design appears to have been created by this brand but appears to have been rebranded by other brands)
Other Details:  The stem is a hollow tube with an opening on the end – this allows the cup to be emptied while still inserted. A ball acts as a stopper to close the tube while in use, and can be moved further up the stem (into the larger portion) to allow the cup to drain.  I was told that Howard Peng from Honserve Trading developed this cup, and he asked me to only link to his listings.  However there seems to be no listings from that company any more, so I’ll link to an AliExpress search instead.  Also please note that there are a lot of different cups using the “Bassrose” box and name – but the original “Bassrose” cup is this cup design with the ball-valve stem (which was also known briefly as a “Dilan” cup in some AliExpress listings).

The same sort of concept of Victoria Love, but this one has the hole to empty the cup on the bottom of the stem (unlike VL which has the holes on the side of the bottom of the stem).


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Un-named Menstrual Cup brands

There are HEAPS (seriously HEAPS!) of cheap cups available on AliExpress, ebay, Amazon and other such sites.

Most of them are listings for what appears to be the same cups. Most of them don’t have a brand name, so I can’t list them individually on my site, since I don’t have a name to reference them with…. and a lot of them don’t list the measurements either (not very helpful)….. So I am putting all the cups styles with no name in this post.

Links to these cups may disappear (particularly if they are amazon/aliexpress/ebay listings), but I’ll do my best to show what is available, and provide links to search those main sites for cups, so you can search for them yourself.

I’ve split my thoughts on cheap cups (safety and ethical concerns) to a separate post, so I could use this post to showcase the actual cups. See “Cheap Cups part 2” post for my 2c worth on the safety and ethical concerns with cheap cups.

If you’re wanting to find these cheap cups, try searching for “menstrual cup” in your cheap website of choice.  Such as:


 Unbranded Cup Examples

There are *MANY* more than this, but this gives you an idea of what styles are available.


Moon/Heart stemmed cups:
cheapcup_07 cheapcup_01  cheapcup_01b cheapcup_13

Unnamed #1Unnamed#2 | Unnamed #3
(Very cute!  Though sadly they aren’t practical as the heart/moon tends to irritate. So people often have to trim them off)


Tab stem cups:

 cheapcup_03 cheapcup_05 cheapcup_10 unnamed_01

Unnamed #1 | Unnamed #2 | Unnamed #3 | Unnamed #4

These are often the “Aneer” or “iCare” brand of cups, being sold with generic boxes (or no boxes) and no name.  Aneer/iCare tend to be the very shiny looking cups.  The opaque #4 cups are listed with measurements of  Small: 41/36/72 large: 46/38/74  (Could be Diameter/length of stem/length with stem?)


Other Shape/Design cups:

cheapcup_06 cheapcup_04

Unnamed | Unnamed

The first pic is the “Eva” style cup with a short thick stem and gridlike pattern on the base, the second has a wide-flat tab stem and is commonly sold in a “menstrual cup” box and with either a hot pink pouch (like the first pic), or the gold satin pouch.


Heart embossed cup

cheapcup_16 cheapcup_heart

Unnamed cup on Aliexpress by “Zhida Xintai” also on Amazon by “Anderson Global Trading”.   This one looks similar in design to the Yuuki cup (perhaps a narrower stem), and has a heart design on the side of the cup.  It also sometimes lists it as being made from Food-grade silicone not medical grade.  Measurements given are S=43mm diameter, 70mm length, 25ml capacity.
M=47mm diameter, 75mm length, 30mls capacity.


Collapsing/Folding menstrual Cup


Basically the same idea (slightly different shape) to the Lily Compact.  Found on AliExpress.


Ring Pull Stem Cup


Found on AliExpress – The listing says it’s food grade silicone

Small:  43mm diameter, 85mm length, 25mm stem.  Capacity:  15ml (airholes), 20mls to rim.

Large: 46mm diameter, 87mm length, 20mm stem.  Capacity:  15ml (airholes), 25mls to rim.

“Discharge” cup (assume valve-stem?)


This cup design is weirdly interesting, although I don’t have a name for it, it deserved it’s own post here.  Find the cup for sale here.



See also similar-or-same-cups

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Victoria Love


Note – as of Jan 2015 their website is suspended, their facebook page and ebay store are still available.

Country of origin: China
Composition: Silicone
Sizes:  Size “2” (small) and “1” (large)
Dimensions: 2=40mm diameter, 35mm length without stem, 75mm with stem, 40mm stem length. 1 =45mm diameter, 45mm length without stem, 90mm with stem, 45mm stem length.
Capacity: Unknown
Stem: Hollow tube with valve
Measuring Lines: No
Cost (RRP):
Been around since: 2013
Unique Design?: Yes (This cup design appears to have been created by this brand and has not been seen used by other brands)
Other Details:  Has a hollow stem with a valve that allows you to empty the cup (every 4-8 hours is recommended) while it is still in place.   They appear to sell a special steam steriliser as well.  The “discharge points” where the cup can be emptied via the stem, are on the sides of the stem.  So it appears that you’re just relying on the ball being pushed up above the holes and staying there…. or else it would leak when you don’t want it to.  Also menstrual blood is often clotty, so I’m not sure how well this can handle clots.  The video (which is a bit hilarious :P) mentions clots and the fact you can just squeeze them out…. but I’m not sure that would work in practice.  I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has used it.

Facebook Instruction video


It appears you push the ball into the “discharge valve” spot to seal the stem, then push it down to the end to empty it.





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