Menstrual Cups



A menstrual cup is form of reusable menstrual protection. It is inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual fluids. Once in place it forms a seal, preventing blood flowing out of the vagina by collecting it in its “cup” shaped reservoir. Unlike a tampon which absorbs the blood along with the vagina’s natural secretions, a menstrual cup simply holds the fluids until you remove it – so they do not dry out the vagina and do not hold the TSS risk that tampons do.

They hold around 20-30ml, which is for most women will cope with a full day without emptying, and at most perhaps you would need to empty it a few times a day for a very heavy flow. A menstrual cup will last (with proper care) for around 10 years, perhaps longer, so while the initial outlay is high, it pays for itself with savings pretty quick.

This is a sister site to For information on cloth pads, please check that website.

This blog is a place to find information about the different cup brands I know about.  All the brands I am aware of, are listed on the menu (left side) – Clicking on these brand-name links will take you to a page of information I have about them.  The official websites are listed in the menu on the right.

Some cups have no brand name, and no information available on them, those are listed together under Cups with no details and Nameless cups.


  1. Maybe the wrong place to leave this… Wondering if you will be reviewing the EvaCup? I can’t tell if it’s a Diva Cup knock off. Not many reviews on Amazon yet. It’s not as cheap as the really cheap-o $5 ones you discussed in one post, but significantly cheaper than most name brand cups.

    I found a discussion about Eva Cup on livejournal… But wondered what your thoughts on it would be…

    Ps thanks for all the info you provide here :-) I just ordered my first cup, went with sckoon :-)

    Comment by thatgurlcarolyn | September 25, 2014

  2. Hey there – found a new brand that looks like it’s probably a Lunette knockoff but thought you’d be interested in checking it out anyway:

    Comment by MC community member | December 3, 2014

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