Menstrual Cups

Lali Cup

Lalicup-l-600x600  [Translated into English]

Country of origin: Slovenia
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  S, M, L
Dimensions: S=40.3mm diameter,46mm long without stem, 25.5mm stem (71.5mm in total).  M= 44.2mm diameter, 51mm length without stem, 22mm stem (73mm in total). L= 46mm diameter, 52mm length without stem, 21mm stem (73mm in total)
Capacity: S= 27.4mls. M= 36.5mls. L= 40.1mls
Stem:  Long thin
Measuring Lines: Yes
Cost (RRP):  € 29.99 [Currency Converter]
Unique Design: Yes
Other Details: These cups appear to have a flower design around the base of the cup.  Available in clear or blue

lalicup2 lalicup

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  1. I have a new Lalicup, it has some plastic / chemical smell. So I did these things for it: clean, boil in the water for 30 minutes, dry. The smell still exists. So i try again: soak with vinegar for an hour, clean it, put it in the water microwave for 5 minutes, dry it. The smell still exists.

    Comment by Nameless | May 19, 2017

  2. After I did these things, the smell fades some. But I still can not be sure that this is safe, because I read some posts, silicone does not seem to have any smell, or in the cleaning / boiling, the smell should disappear.

    Comment by Nameless | May 19, 2017

  3. Modification: I’m not sure that it will be accurate to describe this smell with plastic / chemicals. This smell does not seem to be irritating, but it is not very pleasant.
    Just now they have responded to my mail, but my English is too bad, so I have to try to describe the smell of the cup again.

    Comment by anonymous | May 20, 2017

  4. Updates:

    I tried again. I soaked with salt water and boiled it. In fact, after a lot of try, its smell has been very very light. Although just after boiling, the smell is still obvious.

    I asked another person, I thought maybe it was only the smell of silicone itself (although some posts say that silicone should not have any smell).

    So I will continue to try and use it.

    Comment by Nameless | May 24, 2017

  5. I cleaned the cup with another piece of soap, and now the smell disappears!
    Maybe soap is also the cause of the smell? Perhaps this is why it is difficult to completely remove the smell. (In my place, it’s hard to buy real spiceless soap. I’m very sorry …)

    Overall, I think it’s a good cup and a good design.

    Comment by Nameless | June 8, 2017

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