Menstrual Cups

Green Cup of Maine


Country of origin: Manufactured in the US (FDA registered)
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  2
Dimensions: Unknown
Capacity:  Unknown
Stem: Short Thick
Measuring Lines: Unknown (no?)
Cost (RRP): $44.99 USD
Been around since: 2016
Unique Design?: Yes  (The manufacturer for this brand also makes Lincup, which looks similar but not the same)
Other Details: Website claims they are the “World’s Best Menstrual Cup” which is a high claim.  No measurement information on their Amazon listing or website.  They are using light to regular flow (small cup) and heavier flow (large cup) as the sizing, rather than any birth or age recommendations.


The manufacturer for this brand also makes Casco Cup and Lincup.


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  1. According to their website (, the same manufacturers also make LifeCup, which is sold in Colombia. I’m not really sure what the difference is between the cups other than the company they’re produced for and the country they’re sold in? Maybe each brand is slightly tweaked as per the company’s specifications. This is kind of a unique case, as while the cups are similar it’s because they’re all made by the same company commissioned to do so, and the different brands seem to be just for specific markets rather than because each is a totally unique product.

    Comment by Jaimie B | December 28, 2016

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