Menstrual Cups

FreeSiya “Smart Cup28”

FreeSiya “Smart Cup28” (Domain seems not to work)

Country of origin: Philippines
Composition: Silicone
Sizes: 2 sizes (come shipped together in the one pack – can’t buy separately)
Dimensions:  Unknown
Capacity:  Unknown
Stem: Long loop
Measuring Lines: Unknown
Cost (RRP):  500 Philippine pesos (for a pack of 2)
Guarantee: 6 month
Been around since: The website says “the new way to go in 2011”.  However when writing this in August 2012, their site says they have no stock as they are waiting for a new shipment due end of February – so it doesn’t appear they are available for sale, they may never actually have been available for sale, as “February” could be 2011 or 2012.
Other Details: This site contains a lot of misleading information and some content copied from other sites.  I personally would not trust or respect a company doing so.  Their reviews section contains reviews they have taken from the internet that are reviewing other brands of menstrual cup – they say at the top that this is the case and that all menstrual cups are basically the same.  They show a picture on the front page showing that menstrual cups are approved by the FDA, but make no claims that their cup is approved by the FDA (all cups need to be approved, just because one has been approved does not automatically mean all menstrual cups are).  Their picture guide on how to fold the cup shows cups that do not look like theirs, so I suspect those images have been taken from other sources.  They use the Mooncup’s video guide on folding.  They also reproduce the entire post here ( in their FAQ.  Without even bothering to remove the personal comments that make it obvious it’s someone’s blog post rather than an online article.  Their contact e-mail address is an @yahoo one….  ’nuff said 😀

However if you look up the “BB personal care” they say is the company behind it, you see the same woman from the cp28 site in shown in pictures on this website  –, and both addresses are in Cagayan de Oro.

—- Update —

The domain doesn’t seem to be working, which may mean they have not paid to renew the domain, and may mean they are no longer in business.

I have had a couple of comments made to this post by people claiming to have tried the cup and found it superior to other brands – but the comments have come from the same IP address, but given different names.  I’ve not published the comments as I believe them to be spam.

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  1. Yeah, absolutely, it seems they made efforts in collecting the most marking resources from everywhere else, for every important topics about the cups in general, instead of creating their own ethics, ‘politics’, philosophy lol through a true-born text.. Which is kinda too bad, because the parts where they most likely speak in their own name are fairly nice, imo.. well.. What is intriguing too is the mention they made implying there may be a valve device to their cup (??) ah?
    Thank you Obsi, for the link to their Bio-Troff site too, I hadn’t found it ;o)… Otherwise, the cup alone really is cheap-cheap, cost-wise, as they ‘argue’, indeed.

    Comment by quitterie | August 13, 2012

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