Menstrual Cups

Un-named Menstrual Cup brands

There are HEAPS (seriously HEAPS!) of cheap cups available on AliExpress, ebay, Amazon and other such sites.

Most of them are listings for what appears to be the same cups. Most of them don’t have a brand name, so I can’t list them individually on my site, since I don’t have a name to reference them with…. and a lot of them don’t list the measurements either (not very helpful)….. So I am putting all the cups styles with no name in this post.

Links to these cups may disappear (particularly if they are amazon/aliexpress/ebay listings), but I’ll do my best to show what is available, and provide links to search those main sites for cups, so you can search for them yourself.

I’ve split my thoughts on cheap cups (safety and ethical concerns) to a separate post, so I could use this post to showcase the actual cups. See “Cheap Cups part 2” post for my 2c worth on the safety and ethical concerns with cheap cups.

If you’re wanting to find these cheap cups, try searching for “menstrual cup” in your cheap website of choice.  Such as:


 Unbranded Cup Examples

There are *MANY* more than this, but this gives you an idea of what styles are available.


Moon/Heart stemmed cups:
cheapcup_07 cheapcup_01  cheapcup_01b cheapcup_13

Unnamed #1Unnamed#2 | Unnamed #3
(Very cute!  Though sadly they aren’t practical as the heart/moon tends to irritate. So people often have to trim them off)


Tab stem cups:

 cheapcup_03 cheapcup_05 cheapcup_10 unnamed_01

Unnamed #1 | Unnamed #2 | Unnamed #3 | Unnamed #4

These are often the “Aneer” or “iCare” brand of cups, being sold with generic boxes (or no boxes) and no name.  Aneer/iCare tend to be the very shiny looking cups.  The opaque #4 cups are listed with measurements of  Small: 41/36/72 large: 46/38/74  (Could be Diameter/length of stem/length with stem?)


Other Shape/Design cups:

cheapcup_06 cheapcup_04

Unnamed | Unnamed

The first pic is the “Eva” style cup with a short thick stem and gridlike pattern on the base, the second has a wide-flat tab stem and is commonly sold in a “menstrual cup” box and with either a hot pink pouch (like the first pic), or the gold satin pouch.


Heart embossed cup

cheapcup_16 cheapcup_heart

Unnamed cup on Aliexpress by “Zhida Xintai” also on Amazon by “Anderson Global Trading”.   This one looks similar in design to the Yuuki cup (perhaps a narrower stem), and has a heart design on the side of the cup.  It also sometimes lists it as being made from Food-grade silicone not medical grade.  Measurements given are S=43mm diameter, 70mm length, 25ml capacity.
M=47mm diameter, 75mm length, 30mls capacity.


Collapsing/Folding menstrual Cup


Basically the same idea (slightly different shape) to the Lily Compact.  Found on AliExpress.


Ring Pull Stem Cup


Found on AliExpress – The listing says it’s food grade silicone

Small:  43mm diameter, 85mm length, 25mm stem.  Capacity:  15ml (airholes), 20mls to rim.

Large: 46mm diameter, 87mm length, 20mm stem.  Capacity:  15ml (airholes), 25mls to rim.

“Discharge” cup (assume valve-stem?)


This cup design is weirdly interesting, although I don’t have a name for it, it deserved it’s own post here.  Find the cup for sale here.



See also similar-or-same-cups

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  1. The one with the heart on the side is now on Amazon:

    I wish they had the turquoise, though (and that Alibaba allowed single cup purchases)…looks like it has everything I like about the Rainbow with a slightly longer stem, which is the one thing I really wish the Rainbow had. I also prefer the round stem to the iCare’s tab stem (which always seems to rest on its side against my walls while I’m wearing it…just makes me aware that the stem is there, but I can’t cut it off or I risk losing the cup inside!)

    Comment by MC Community Member | February 23, 2015

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