Menstrual Cups

Monzcare R-Cup / Rainbow Cup


Couldn’t find an official site leads to a suspended website.  Places like this are selling them.

This cup is also being sold as a “Rainbow Cup” and “Monzcup”.  They are registered with the FDA under these names [Link].

Country of origin: China
Composition: Silicone
Sizes:  “1″ (small), “2″ (large)
Dimensions:  Size 1 = 40mm diameter, Total length 70mm, stem length 20mm.  Size 2 = 45mm diameter,  Total length 70mm, stem length 15mm.
Capacity: Size 1 = 15.5ml (to holes?)  20ml (to rim).    Size 2 = 26mls (to rim?)
Stem: Hollow tube or Solid?
Measuring Lines:  No
Been around since: 2014?
Other Details: Available in green, blue, cyan, purple, orange, yellow and pink.  The pictures of the coloured cups that they show in the Amazon listings appear to be a “photoshop” recolouring, so may not be the actual colours.  These appear to be the actual colours these cups come in.


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  1. I purchased this cup off of amazaon (apparently there was a blow out sale for them and I paid 13$ for 2 cups (small and large) because I was very curious) It is the rainbow cup. It is stamped inside of the rim RAINBOW and honestly is a quite lovely cup, I was purchasing because I wanted an example of a crappy cup to show people what not to buy, and I’m a tad saddened that it is made so well… the size large is a tad squishier than a FleurCup and the small is on par with the diva.
    also no plastic smell or films on the cups they arived pristine. I think I may have gotten very lucky.

    Comment by Bean | November 2, 2014

  2. Oops, I didn’t see that you had a separate article for this one! Yes, I ordered the “Monzcare R-Cup” from Amazon and received a Rainbow cup, so I can confirm that they are one and the same. Unfortunately the color is not nearly as vivid in person as the Photoshopping is, but I like the design and function so much that I don’t even mind if it’s not the bright cyan I was looking for. They are no longer on Amazon but are easily found on Ebay. I may actually go ahead and order another (so I can have both sizes)

    Comment by MC community member | November 23, 2014

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