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New Purple LENA

LENA now comes in 3 colours!  The original pink, as well as turquoise and now purple!

It’s no secret that purple is my favourite colour, so since I also love the shape of the LENA cup, there now being purple ones makes me very happy!  The turquoise is really lovely too.


My camera doesn’t really show the purple it as it appears in real-life, and it’s been horrible and overcast for days, so the lighting isn’t great – so in the photos it does look a bit more blue than purple, but it is a very lovely lavender colour.

The official photos show it accurately


While the colours are pastel shades, they have a very vibrant look – with a lot of colour.  They are translucent not opaque, with a lot more depth of colour than some of the other translucent coloured cups.


As with the original, the boxes are 100% recycled and are printed with vegetable-based inks!

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Lena – review

I’ve been excited for the release of this Lena cup for a while now, after being involved in the development process and having tried out prototypes of the design…. and having to keep tight-lipped about it until it was officially released 😀

With the package Lena sent, they also sent me a little card thanking me for my help and support!  Awwww 😀


I’m always very impressed when cup companies have spent in contacting people like me to get feedback and discuss cups with them.  To me it shows a company is trying to do as much research as they can, to try and bring out what they believe to be a great cup.

Even a little sticker on the back 😀


The boxes they come in are really lovely and unique.  They have an interesting feel to the box, it’s hard to explain…. almost sort of suede-like… almost like the “peach skin” texture cups have.  The boxes are 100% recycled and printed with vegetable ink!  Environmental win!

Dscn6672 Dscn6673

Dscn6674 Dscn6675

The boxes are sealed with a little clear sticker, so you would be able to see any tampering.  Tampering or knowing if the box is factory sealed is not something I would have thought of, but it’s something I have seen people comment on, so I thought I’d mention that.  Removing the sticker on both my boxes destroyed the sticker.  So I imagine any tampering would be evident on the sticker.

Dscn6676 Dscn6677

The booklet gives the standard instructions you’d expect, but an interesting addition is a diagram of the positioning of the cup for both a high and low cervix.  Explaining that if your cervix is high you may not need to trim the stem, but if it is lower you may need to.  I don’t recall any cup instructions specifically talking about cervix position before.


The cup has a flat tab stem with a rounded bottom, good grip rings on the stem and base of the cup.  Overall a smooth sided cup (no ridge or protrusions), in “peach skin” sort of feel.

Currently only available in pink, which is a sort of rose pink with a touch of apricot.  Hopefully it will come out in other colours (like purple) in the future 😉  (I love purple cups!)


The inside of the cup has a slight ridge and has “Lena” in slightly raised letters.  4 large airholes, horizontal with a slight downward angle.

Dscn6718 Dscn6715

(My camera isn’t detailed enough to show the inside ridge properly)

The silicone is reasonably soft – In my squish test, the small measured 28mm (the same as Eco-cup), and the large 24mm (the same as Fleur and Lily Compact).  The silicone feels much the same in squishyness between the rim and the body of the cup.


Since I tested out the prototype, I already know that I really like this cup – I love the tab stem, I am unable to feel the stem while the cup is in place, and I find the smooth outside cleans easily and is more comfortable to insert (than cups with a pronounced ridge).  As with a lot of softer cups, I did have to use my finger to push against the vaginal wall to make the large size cup open fully, but the small cup opened up without any trouble.

I’ll write up a more in-depth review in a month when I’ve had a chance to test it with my period.


Unfortunately at the moment they are sold through Amazon and not able to be shipped Internationally, however Precious Stars in the UK does sell them, and ships Internationally.  Hopefully once the cups have been out for a bit longer, International shipping will be available.

If anyone in the US would like to try out this cup, I’ve been given a discount code OBSIDIAN that can be used for a 15% LENA purchase discount from

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Country: USA
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  “S”(Small) “L” (large)
Dimensions: S= 41mm diameter, 46mm long without stem, 71mm with stem (25mm stem).  L=45mm diameter, 50.7mm long without stem, 70.5mm long with stem (19.7mm stem).
Capacity: S=25mls  L=30mls
Stem: Flat tab
Measuring Lines: No
Cost (RRP): $39.95   [Currency Converter]
Been around since: July 2015
Unique design?: Yes
Other Details: Available in pink

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