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Puramour / Dream Lover / Inticup / V-cups


Puramour/Dream Lover | Inticup | v-cups

Country: (Appears to be made in China)
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  “S”(Small) “L” (large)
Dimensions: S=39mm diameter, 43mm length without stem, 70mm total length (26mm stem).  L= 45mm diameter, 51mm length without stem, 70mm total length (21mm stem)
Capacity: S= 19mls (to airholes?), 23mls (to rim?).  L=25mls (to airholes?), 30mls (to rim?)
Stem: Flat Tab
Measuring Lines: (No?)
Cost (RRP): $ ??   [Currency Converter]
Been around since: 2015
Unique design?: No
Other Details:  We first discovered this brand called “Puramour” or “Dream Lover”, but is now seen as other brands, often found on AliExpress.


“Dreamlover”  | Inticup | V-Cups


Red Herring has an unboxing video that also talks about the silicone and how it turns white when stretched –






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Cup Brands with no details

There are a few “branded” (named) cups available, but who don’t give enough information for me to give them a page of their own. Some of the links to them may no longer be available when they sell out of that listing.  But you can always do a search based on the name.

So until I get more information on them, I’m putting them all here on the same page.  Please note that some of these cups appear to be suspiciously similar to other cups available.  See Similar/Rebranded Cups.


“Unique” and “Original” Brands
These brands are either the first or the only cups to feature their particular style features.

  • Carrefour (Fairly Unique Design -Wide flat tab, but opaque)
  • Smartcup (Unique Design – Long solid thick stem – different flower/butterfly/leaf designs on the side)

carrefour smartcup

Carrefour | Smart Cup


Suspected “Rebranded” and “Copied” Brands
These brands appear to have taken significant design elements from “original” brands (eg it would be difficult to tell them apart by looking at them), and/or have multiple other brands all sharing what appears to be the same design (eg they appear to be the same design given different brand names).

continuon cupissima  easycup smartcup_fleur

Continuon | Cupissima | Easy Cup | Sileu | Smart Cup


crystalcup leasen liscup mcup

Crystal Cup | Leasen | Lis Cup | MCup

pixiecup  prettywoman

Pixie Cup | Pretty Woman

avaloona2 easycupsbox femmeessentials

 Ava Loona | Easy Cups | Femme Essentials |

lola sileu vidacup

Lola Cup | Sileu |  Vida Cup


avaloona3 ConsciousBotanics vjaycup

 | Ava Loona | ConsciousBotanics | Vijay Cup




The “Continuon” listing was previously was calling them a “Cerene”, but photos in the reviews of people who bought a “Cerene” cup clearly shows “iCare” brand packaging.


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