Menstrual Cups


Geacup [Translated into English]

Country: Italy
Composition: TPE
Sizes: 1 (Small) & 2 (Large)
Dimensions: 1= 41mm long in front, 49mm long at back.  2 = 45mm long in front, 53mm long in back.
Capacity: 1=20mls to holes.  2 = 25mls to holes
Measuring Lines: Yes
Cost (RRP): € 25.00  [Currency Converter]
Been around since: ?
Unique Design: Yes
Other Details: This cup has an angled top rim (like the Lilycup), which is said to make it better fit the shape of the vagina.  As of writing this, there is no online shop you have to contact them to purchase one.  Measurement information taken from


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  1. I can’t read Italian to save my life….I’m confused on how to order this.

    Comment by ECfromDC | June 17, 2016

  2. google translate

    Comment by obsidian | July 15, 2016

  3. Right so….I know how to use that and not that great.

    Comment by ECfromDC | July 15, 2016

  4. You need to go to their website ( and get their email address and email them.

    Comment by obsidian | July 15, 2016

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