Menstrual Cups

Crowdfunded “Moon Cup”



Appears to be the same sort of design as the Femmycycle, but with a flower-like design around the edge.

Currently (as of Sept 2015) asking for crowdfunding donations to raise money to go into production.

The colour picture shows no seam where the flip-out section would attach to (if the design is the same as Femmycycle, which seems to be if you look at the black&white pictures).  So the images are probably all conceptual art and not the actual cup.

I can’t seem to get google to translate the entire site, but here are some sections:

“If I can find enough moon cup supporters willing countersigned + development plan sponsor, then I can put in front of the development and production processes. After the fund-raising, please give me six months, through the license application. 2016 summer, u can start with the moon Cup! ʱ??”


“Content moon Cup project, is to “produce on the ground” and develop “the most suitable for Asian women to use the Moon Cup”, unwilling to come to break the long-standing American and European brands in Taiwan tradition, as well as cross-Taiwan can only find on behalf of the girls to buy dilemma. I want everyone everywhere in Taiwan have had to buy, there is starting.”


“It will improve the shortcomings of European and American brands, and then adjusted to the most suitable for Asian girls body type size.”

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Cheers Menstrual Cup (Design only)


While this cup was only a concept design, and doesn’t appear to have actually ever been made, I thought I’d include it on the site here for reference.

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Mademoicell – for Stem cell collection



Mademoicell was designed to collect menstrual blood to be used for stem cells.  Where you would ship the full cup to a lab to have the stem cells extracted and stored.

It is not clear whether these were actually ever commercially available, or if they were a conceptual design only

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