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Similar or Rebranded Cups

Now… this isn’t intended to be any accusations of any brands doing the wrong thing.  This is just an observation that there are several cups that that look quite similar (if not exactly the same) to other cups.  So it is mentioned here with the intention to help clear up any confusion for consumers and provide as much information on cup brands as possible.

I would also like to make consumers aware of the possibility of many of these brands being a “rebranding” – where cups can be purchased for as little as 45c each, and then resold as the new brand name for $20-$30.  Click here to see my article on this.

For example here are some listings for the short stem cups that are popular at the moment.  One you can buy for $1.45 each (individually), the other as little as 50c each (in bulk):

blossom-care  ZhidaXintai_04a

Which appear to be the same design cups as these “branded” cups that retail at anything from about $10-$30

  blossomcup lola same_vidacup


There are also a lot of these tab stemmed cups on AliExpress for between 45c each (in bulk) or $1.55 individually…

aliexpresslisting_tab ZhidaXintai_04b

Which appear to be the same  basic design as brands like these (you can see the Luno and iCare even have similar box art)

luno_pink2 icarecolours gyncup


So in the interest of fairness and transparency – and to make sure people have the full information, I’m listing those cups that appear to have very similar (if not the same) design.  So you can make your own determination about which cups you may like to purchase.  For more information on the issue of Rebranding – see my article on that here.

There may be a few reasons that cups may look similar or identical to another brand.   These could be:

  • Re-branding – Where a business may be buying cups from the same supplier as other businesses do and package them with their own brand name.  In some cases they may have the packaging made for them as well (many of the AliExpress and Alibaba listings say they will provide packaging on request)
  • Sharing/Selling Designs – Where one cup business has sold or given the rights to reproduce their cup design, so that another business can sell the same cups with the original creators permission.
  • Copying/stealing designs – Where a business makes an copy (or perhaps a slight variation) of a brand of cup, without the permission of the original designer.

If you want to make sure you are getting a cup that is an “original” rather than a copy, look to see when the brand was established, and look to see how their overall website/business appearance is.  If you’re wanting a cheaper price, then I suggest shopping around – but making sure you look at the listings well to make sure you know what you are getting (cheaper isn’t always better).

Similar looking brands

This is a list of cup brands that have the same specific features and appear to be almost identical.  This is not meant to imply that any of these brands are “Copies” or “Rebrandings” – it is merely a comparison to highlight cups which appear to be the same shape and/or design – for research purposes.

(If you want a listing of all the known cup brands by stem type – look at the MASTER LIST here)

Diameter measurements (Small/Large) for the brands are also given when known, for easier comparison.  The slight (eg 1mm) difference between some brands that otherwise seem identical may be due to measuring errors or rounding up/down (eg a 41.5mm measurement may be rounded up or down by the brand/manufacturer), or may show the cup is actually a different size to another – I don’t know.


Short thin stems

Cups that feature short rounded “stick” stems, with rings around the base of the cup and rings around the “ridge” area.  Some brands have a smooth stem, some have a grip rings but look otherwise identical:

cup_shorgripstem cup_shortsmoothstem

same_aneer   avaloona2b blossomcup  same_dutchess_th charlene same_cupaxsame_surecycle_th
Smooth Stem Cups: Aneer | Ava Loona | Blossom | Dutchess | Charlene | Cup’ax | Surecycle

same_athena same_easycups  lola same_vidacup

Grip Stem Cups: Athena | Easy Cups| Lola Cup | Vida Cup


Short thick stems

Cups that feature grid-like grip lines around the base of the cup with shorter thick stems that have grip rings:


aneer-grid avaloona3b evaboxed2happygirlcup
Aneer | Ava Loona | Eva | Happy Girl


Narrow Flat Tab stems – “Shiny”

Cups with a tab stem that features 3 grip lines and have very “shiny” looking silicone.  Can be clear or opaque.   Often with a slightly bent stem:


* different sources give different measurements for this cup brand.


Narrow Flat Tab stems – “Frosted”

Cups with a tab stem, usually 3 colours (clear, pink and a “purple” that is pretty much pink) and overall look very similar to each other. Have a more “frosted” or “Matt” appearance (though that may be just how they are photographed?), sometimes with a bent stem:



Wide Flat Tab stems

Cups that have a flat wide-tabbed stem, sometimes with low profile ridge (usually only on the small size) and sometimes without.


Brands of cup that appear to be this same design:


Solid long thick stems

These cups resemble the Yuuki brand of cup


Other stems


Spiral grip line on the stem, both made in Italy, with same measurements and are available in the same clear or pink colour.  I have heard that this is the same cup, just given different names when being sold online or in stores.




Cups that have a long “stick” stem with bumps on it



Cups that have a long “stick” stem with grip lines on it (unlike the “bumps” of the above cups)



Cups that have a long thin stem, with “Flower” like grip design on the base




Cups that are “collapsible” (being able to fold up into a compact form for storage).


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  1. Add this one to the Blossom/Femma’s/legions of cups with the grip rings way up there near the rim:
    (I lol’ed a bit at the translated descriptions…which probably makes me a terrible person)

    Comment by MC Community Member | February 23, 2015

  2. 🙂

    Comment by obsidian | February 25, 2015

  3. Thanks, I had “Crystal cup” but not the other

    Comment by obsidian | March 12, 2015

  4. It has come to our attention that even after we hired several lawyers including a patent lawyer for international, and specifically for China and the USA, we are still being targeted for design and rebranding.

    While we find it very flattering, we began our company to offer a SAFE, well made product that was both environmentally friendly and affordable. We spend and continue to spend a great amount of time and money for testing to give you a product that uses certified and safe materials in an FDA registered facility. The materials “they” use may NOT be safe for use inside your body, as well is their colors and pigments.

    We don’t want to name names, but we have had our lawyers contact counterfeit sellers and hope that they comply with NZ government. You may still find them listed on selling platforms however, “Currently Unavailable” will be shown when trying to purchase them. It’s a long process to fight infringement as some governments don’t take it as serious as western countries. Some counterfeit sellers slip through the cracks or haven’t complied yet.

    As we continue to fight off the infringements, please bear with us and look for our trademark to be sure you are purchasing a product that has been tested safe.

    ***We are currently pending our US patent and have recently added our EvaCup logo to our mold so that YOU know you’re getting a product that you can trust!***

    Instagram: aniganstainfree

    Anigan Team
    ~Makers of EvaCup~

    Comment by Anigan | March 15, 2015

  5. We do truly believe that blogs like this one represent a very important resource of information for people either wanting to start using menstrual cups or for users seeking out new cups.

    However, the juxtaposition between the price of an anonymous cup on Aliexpress and the price of the LolaCup Menstrual Cup (at the very top of this post), is information disguised by ignorance and dishonesty. Although it is not a clear allegation, It is an insinuation of the fact that LolaCup purchases their cups at $1.45 and resells them at $26.99. What is being presented here as “information”, is really a deceiving line up of facts that lead to misguiding and false conclusions. In case you have never run a business, we can assure you that actively marketing a product and promoting a brand does take lots of time, work, effort, and mostly money.

    This blog is not pulling back from the urge of media today to favour sensational gossip to real, useful information and feedback that can help consumers make educated decisions and help companies improve their products and services. We would have preferred you would have made a constructive critique to our product so that we could have gotten back to our manufacturer and made the necessary adjustments.

    We know we are selling a high quality product because we tried and tested them ourselves and also because we personally ask every single customer for their opinion on their experience with our menstrual cups and so far we have had excellent feedback. We also believe our price is a fair, honest price that allows us to give the best value for money and still be competitive in a very crowed market.

    People have all the resources they need to seek out bargains online and, once they have found them, they can count on their own judgement to decide what is best for them. If they want to buy the $1.45 cup on Aliexpress, they are free to do so. If they prefer buying LolaCup or any other brand, they can do their research and purchase whatever they believe is worth their money.

    Furthermore, no permission was asked to publicly use our photos and brand logo. We kindly invite you to inform us beforehand if you intend to use images of our LolaCup any other time in the future.

    The LolaCup Team

    Comment by LolaCup Menstrual Cup | December 22, 2015

  6. Hello LolaCup,

    This blog is set up to give information on the menstrual cups available for people to purchase, and to help give more information about them – so that people can more easily wade through the huge confusing array of cups to hopefully find the right cup for them. As there are several brands of cup available, whose overall design/shape/size looks to be very similar or identical – I provide this information to consumers as well, because it is important information to have when comparing cup brands. Of course people can make the choice to buy a cheap cup from ebay or a branded cup from elsewhere. Never do I tell people not to buy any particular cup. I do however encourage people to look at the available information and to consider things other than the price when choosing a menstrual cup. I receive no benefit from whatever menstrual cup people buy or don’t buy. I intend to present the information to consumers so that they can make an informed decision on their purchase. I do however caution people on buying unbranded cups from cheap websites like ebay or Aliexpress because they may not be certain of what they will receive.

    Since your Amazon listings don’t contain any specific details about the cup (measurements or capacity), I have listed it here with the other cups I don’t have specifics for. Now I see you have a website ( that gives capacity information, I can list the cup in it’s own listing if you would grant me permission to use your product photo again. Could you please give me the measurements (length of the stem, length of the cup without stem, diameter – other useful information I like to include is number of airholes and country of manufacture). Without those details, all I can do is show it here to make people aware of it – and comment that it appears to be of a similar design to other cups that also have the same overall appearance.

    As you can see from the images of other cups brands such as the Blossom Cup, Dutchess Cup, Vida Cup, Charlene Cup and so on (13 brands at current count, plus numerous unbranded cups) – these cups also feature the same design points – being the narrow short stem, 4 raised lines around the rim of the cup. It is believed (by not just me, but others in the menstrual cup community) that the reason there are several cups with the same design, is because they are all made from the same design/mold – as we find it difficult to believe that so many menstrual cup brands would have all independently designed menstrual cups that look to be identical.

    So this is why I include the note that these cups all look to be “rebrandings” of the same cup design – eg different brand names given to the same cup design. If you can confirm for me that your cup is actually different in design to all those other cup brands, then I will certainly amend my information to reflect that. So are you saying that you do not purchase your cups from a supplier who also sells cups of this same design to other people? Do you have the cups manufactured by a company who exclusively makes the cups for you alone – and if so, can you comment on why your cup brand looks to be the same design as those other brands of cup?

    I would make a constructive critique on your product if I had one to critique, however I am presenting only the information I have available to me at this time, and that is a photo – a photo that shows a cup that looks to be the same design as other cups. If you would like me to do a proper review of the cups then I am certainly happy to test them out if you would like to send me one.

    The quality of a product is not necessarily defined by customer reviews. You say that you know the quality is high because you tested them yourselves – So does this mean that you have purchased the cups from a manufacturer and not been involved in the design process to create them? Did you have independent testers also try the cups out before you started selling them? Your website says that the cups are made with FDA approved medical grade silicone provided by a US company – can you let us know where the cup is actually manufactured?

    As an aside, I have studied business management, I run my own business and come from a family of business owners – so yes, I am fully aware that marketing and promotion are expensive, and that there are numerous expenses involved in running a business (especially if you want to comply with the FDA registration requirements to legally sell cups to the US). The points I was trying to make in my article on similar/rebranded cups, is about transparency and fairness. I do point out that buying and reselling is common (indeed that is how most products are sold) – however I did also point out that there is a difference between buying a product and reselling it as it is, and buying a product and having it repackaged/rebranded to appear as if it a uniquely designed product. Basically it is like buying in bottles of coke and selling them to customers as is (people buying them know what they are getting), or buying generic brand cola then taking the labels off and putting “ObsiCola” labels on and selling them like that instead (people cannot be expected to know that the cola was repackaged and not my own formulation). I would personally find it misleading to customers if products are portrayed as being an own-brand, when they were not. Especially when (as in the case with menstrual cups), there are brands who have invented their own designs, gone through extensive testing on those designs and are selling cups that were uniquely created for them.

    Comment by obsidian | January 13, 2016

  7. So you are saying that our customers that actually bought and tested the LolaCup and left a review on Amazon do not “define the quality of our product” and, on the other hand, comparing images taken from the internet is a better way of informing and orienting consumers that are interested in buying a menstrual cup?

    I suggest you buy the menstrual cups before reviewing them as, we believe, this is the ONLY way you can give an accurate opinion about the quality of a product.

    We still believe the information you are providing, on this page, is misleading and inaccurate.

    The LolaCup Team

    Comment by LolaCup Menstrual Cup | January 19, 2016

  8. Oh LolaCup, your refusal to confirm made it abundantly clear that you have bought the cup from Alibaba and tried to sell it for a crazy margin. YOU are the one trying to mislead the consumers. That is fraud.

    Comment by Kate | March 2, 2016

  9. Look, LolaCup reps:

    I also buy and resell items through auction sites. It’s not a crime or dishonest–I’m offering a service by shipping my often hard-to-find items all over the world and providing very accurate descriptions. That’s just retail arbitrage, since I don’t buy wholesale. You’re only committing fraud if you are trying to say YOU manufactured the cups yourselves. I can’t see that you are actually claiming that, from a quick look at your site anyway. But it does look shady if you try to deny that you are buying and redistributing them.

    Comment by MC Community Member | March 5, 2016

  10. Here’s the Pixie Cup, another rebranding of the Lunette/NaturalMamma mashup:

    Comment by MC Community Member | March 25, 2016

  11. annnd the Rose Cup/Intimate Rose (aka the iCare coming up for an encore)…let’s see how many flowers we can use to rename the freakin’ iCare again lol

    Comment by MC Community Member | March 25, 2016

  12. Seeing the way the sellers of LolaCup behaved in the comments, I can say with certainty that I will never buy one. Very, very shady of them to not be open about where the cups come from, and then very gutsy, but stupid, to come here and try to claim their rebranded cups are somehow superior to their unbranded siblings. Please. You’re upselling cheap knockoff cups by sticking them in some fancy packaging and claiming they’re safe and unique. Some people are happy with the $2.00 knockoff they purchase off of Alibaba, that doesn’t mean that those knockoffs are safe or high quality any more than them being satisfied with your cup does. Unless you can provide the information, information legitimate cup companies would be happy to provide, you are just proving yourselves to be fraudsters, who are probably endangering the health of your customers by claiming your Chinese knockoffs have been tested safe by FDA etc. when they have in fact not been.

    Comment by Jaimie B | December 22, 2016

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