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Honeymoon Cup

honeymoon02 honeymoon01

You can find them here or here – or search AliExpress for “Discharge cup” (not a nice term for it I know, but that’s what they call them)

Measurements: 4mm diameter, 70mm long including stem (4omm long stem)  (One size)
Capacity: 25mls

I’d seen reference to this cup before, when Bassrose came out.  The old Bassrose product listings showed a cup with a stopper stem, referencing it as a 2nd Generation cup (with VictoriaLove as 3rd Gen, and Bassrose as 4th)


I recall discussing it with other knowledgeable cup-people, who mentioned a cup name I vaguely recall had honey in the name 😀  But we were never able to find any reference to it being sold anywhere.  Well, now it is!  The original design (the one Bassrose referenced) is shown on the Honey Moon certificates they include in the listing, and that looks like the cup that is shown on the box:


Which seems to have a very narrow stem with a pointy stopper that is used to stop the blood draining out.  However the cup itself seems to have been redesigned to include a ball-valve like the Bassrose cup, but with a body shape more similar to standard menstrual cups.  I’m not sure what the extra stopper pieces are for?  It could be that you have the option of using either the balls or the stoppers?

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  1. This product seems quite interesting. It seems to be manufactured in China but the box has Korean product name, which means honeymoon accompany (which sounds very awkward in Korean). I have never seen this product out in the market in Korea. I assume maybe the chinese company wants to sell this to Koreans.
    I watched the video demonstration to explain why this discharge hole is unique but I find it pointless.
    Because unlike in the video, we do not press the discharge hole from the side, but right under the hole since that’s how our body structure is like when the cup is actually placed inside the body. So the claim they have that this will make us avoid hand wetting is not true unless you have a huge vagina space (what a nonsense!?)

    Comment by بدرية (@alice9ft) | February 6, 2016

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