Menstrual Cups

Fun Cup

Country of origin: Germany
Composition: Silicone
Sizes: A, B
Dimensions: A= 40mm diameter, 53mm long.  B = 43mm diameter, 58mm long.
Capacity:  A= 20mls, B = 30mls
Stem: None
Measuring Lines: None?
Cost (RRP):  €34.90  (for 2)
Been around since: 2017?
Unique Design?: Yes (This cup design appears to have been created by this brand and has not been seen used by other brands)
Other Information:  Size A has a firmer silicone.  Cups sold as a pair – either 2 of the same size or one of each size.   Size A comes in pink and turquoise.  Size B comes in grape and Ultramarine.   Doesn’t appear to have airholes.

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Stonesoup Wings

Country of origin: India
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  3 (Soft, Regular, Tough)
Stem:  Stemless
Measuring Lines: No?
Cost (RRP):  Rs. 835.00  [Currency Converter]
Been around since: 2016
Unique Design?: Yes
Other Details: Stemless design.  They also offer a “cup for cup” promotion where you can buy 1 cup for yourself and buy one for a charity.

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These appear to be officially approved silicone versions of the MeLuna cups (MeLuna cups are made from TPE). Currently only available in a limited range (compared to MeLuna’s large variety). The Ring, Ball, Stick and stemless options, only in clear, and not in the “shorty” length.

Country of origin: Germany
Composition: Medical grade Silicone
Sizes: “1” (small), “2” (medium), “3” (large) and “4” (Extra Large)
Dimensions & Capacity (taken from MeLuna measurements):
1=38mm diameter, 45mm long without stem. 15mls to airholes, 23ml to rim.
2 = 41mm diameter, 48mm long without stem. 20mls to airholes, 28ml to rim.
3 = 44mm diameter, 51mm long without stem. 24mls to airholes, 34ml to rim.
4 = 47mm diameter, 56mm long without stem. 30mls to airholes, 42mls to rim.
Stem: “Stem” (cross between a flat tab and a rounded thick stem), ball, ring or basic (no stem)
Measuring Lines: No
Cost (RRP): € 21.00 [Currency Converter]
Been around since: 2016?

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Luneale [Translated into English]

(The website isn’t able to be fully translated to English)

Country of origin: France
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes: Namaka” (small) , “Haumea” (medium),  “Hi‘iaka” (Large)
Dimensions:  Small = 40mm diameter 50mm length.  Medium =43mm diameter, 52mm length. Large = 46mm diameter 51.5mm length
Capacity: Small = 20ml,  Medium = 25ml, Large = 30mls
Stem: None
Measuring Lines: None
Cost (RRP): $ unknown [Currency Converter]
Been around since: 2015
Unique design?: Yes
Other Details: The base of this cup has no stem and instead has a unique flattened section on each side to grip the base of the cup with. 



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