Menstrual Cups

Cup Size Comparison Charts

I’ve made a list of all the major Menstrual Cup brands (that I have measurement information for), listing things like measurements, capacities, stem type, material, Country of origin etc.

Cup Charts as a (more frequently updated) online file:

 (If sharing these, it might be best to share this page rather than the direct link, in case the links change)

* Please be aware that capacity measuring is a guide only.  Different brands may be measuring differently.  For example a “to airholes” measurement could (should) mean to just under the airholes (the maximum your cup could fill before it may leak) or to level with airholes (where you may leak).  The “to rim” measurement may be taken as being level with the rim, or as much as the cup can hold before spilling (which usually domes just above the rim).

Positioning of the airholes (higher or lower up the cup) can be quite different from brand to brand.  Which is why the measurement to airholes can be very different in 2 cups of the same capacity to the rim.  The size of the airholes may determine if a cup will leak once filled past the airholes or not (larger holes are more likely to leak).

For this reason there is a section for info on the holes.  Showing the number of holes, the size of the holes, the distance of the holes from the rim and the angle of the holes – which is marked as a \ for holes that are higher on the inside and angle downward from the inside.  Or / for holes that are higher on the outside, and angle up from the inside.  Holes that are straight through or horizontally angled are marked with –

View as an image file [last updated 1st Feb 2015]: 

(Yes it’s HUGE… so.. you’re welcome :P)


 I’m missing some information, I don’t know the capacity or lengths for all the cups.  So I’ve done the best I can.

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  1. Awesome job!!

    Comment by Carol | August 27, 2010

  2. Thank you so much for collecting all the data.

    Comment by Corinna | September 7, 2010

  3. Thank you. I am looking for something for my daughter and wanted a “squish-ier” one than I have (the Keeper) for her starting out. Thanks for your work, it will make it so much easier to make a choice. We are now going to the second generation of users! 🙂 Also a great resource for my naturally minded friends to make their choice.

    Comment by Esther | September 8, 2010

  4. Data for Green Donna:
    S: CA-22mls,CtR-25mls,TL-72mm,WS-47mm,RD-41mm,ST-tab,ML-yes,C-silicone
    L: CA-26mls,CtR-30mls,TL-72mm,WS-52mm,RD-46mm,ST-tab,ML-yes,C-silicone

    Comment by Vadoki | September 8, 2010

  5. Yes! I needed this information! I had surgery down there last year and now my DivaCup is just too big, so I’m thrilled to see what smaller ones I can try. I was so sad having to give it up!

    Comment by Chenoa | September 28, 2010

  6. I had no idea there were so many different cups! I knew there were a few. I just received my DivaCup. I hope I like it!

    Comment by Momma Jorje | April 27, 2011

  7. Hi, Im learning about menstrual cups i have been wanting one for a while but never sure which one to get i have 3 in mind but they all have there ups and downs, i am 19 years old, im a virgin, my cervix is about 2 1/4 inches in or 5.5 cm, i can fit 2 fingers in and its comfortable but its a little tight around the entrance of my vagina, so i am having a problem choosing which cup, i like the large lady cup, i think that the small will be to small and will leak, so i am wondering if the large would be firmer and not be to squishy and leak, the small lunette and small diva seem good also but i am wondering about them being to firm and not comfortable, and the diva being to long, and i am wanting to buy on ebay or amazon for a cheap price and they only have a limited variety of cups but they have these 3, the lunette is a bit pricey, i am afraid that the diva will be to firm so i am leaning toward the lady cup, it would help me out so much if i had some suggestions from peoples experience with cups

    Comment by Brandi | April 28, 2011

  8. For Brandi,

    Did you decide what to buy? I dont think you should worry too much about the cup being too small. With your age and being a virgin, I think you dont produce a lot of fluids (but you know that better than I). But you will be amazed how little you produce, at least I was. I bought the Lady Cup Small to start off with but now I want to try something smaller, because I dont need the volume. I never had issues with the small size leaking. About the firmness I havent had any issues with that either. Once it is up there, you dont feel much other than sometimes the stem, if you have not cut it short enough.

    One thing is for sure. You WILL LOVE IT. It works amazing during sports, especially swimming and diving where tampons can be a problem. So enjoy it.


    Comment by mariekebulow | August 4, 2011

  9. About Iriscup. The warranty is about 2 years.

    Comment by Eva | November 8, 2011

  10. On your squishyness scale, what is the squishyest, 1 or 10?

    Comment by rachel | April 1, 2012

  11. 1 is most squishy, 10 least squishy. Basically it is rated on how much effort it takes to push the material in.

    Comment by obsidian | April 8, 2012

  12. Just a check on your meluna sizes. The chart is out on the sizes. eg. the size small is 38mm in diameter. Meluna has a FANTASTIC page devoted to the size and pliability of their cups and teaches you how to select the right size and pliability (called “shore”) based on your stature, fitness and childbirth status. They claim that age has little to do with the size cup you need. Check it out. It’s awesome. 🙂 I selected the correct one for me: small, classic with stem or ball through trial and error. I wish they had the webpage earlier!!!

    Comment by lovecups | July 20, 2012

  13. Brilliant! Love this, all the information!
    Thank you

    Comment by Disa | October 14, 2012

  14. Why do you have two separate and different entries for Mooncup (UK) in the squishiness chart, but none for the Mooncup (US). Is it an error?

    Comment by Marilyn | November 17, 2012

  15. Because I don’t own a US Mooncup – they refused to send me one to sample. So I can’t rate the squishyness as I don’t own one.

    Comment by obsidian | November 20, 2012

  16. You are amazing.
    Thank you so dearly for the information and I send the best wishes for your happiness and health!

    Comment by Issa | November 21, 2012

  17. Has anyone tried the Australian JuJu cup? I know it’s a little more pricey buy the squishyness is rated 2 here. Diva has longer cup with a shorter stubbier stem (approx. 13mm to JuJus & Divas 20mm stem), which can be trimmed so if your anatomy requires a shorter cup JuJu is your friend, while still having good capacity. In my inquiries with JuJu they were open about the cost reasons, mainly because they are made and produced in Australia so the manufacturing charges are higher but the other reason really grabs my attention: Quote ” [JuJu] cups are made of the highest available medical grade silicone, in a medical-grade, dust-proof manufacturing plant in Sydney. We have been approved by the TGA as a medical device (Therapeutic Goods Administration), there is only one other cup that has this approval.”

    So, back to my original question, anyone tried this cup because I have tried no cups but want one! and I’m leaning towards JuJu, but hesitant because I don’t want to have a bad experience with the most expensive cup on the market simply because I’ve tried no cup at all.

    Comment by Jen | May 15, 2013

  18. Wow, this is extremely helpful! I have yet to find a cup that fits comfortably, doesn’t leak, and has a high enough capacity for my heavy days. Then again I’ve only ever tried the Keeper (which I had to stop using due to latex sensitivity), and the Diva cup, because when I started using cups about 10 years ago there were only one or two brands on the market–I had no idea how much variety is out there now!This is very useful to examine the squishiness, capacity, and size of various cups!!

    Comment by melanie good | June 14, 2013

  19. When you say Meluna (new) – is that classic? not sport or soft? I am curious if you have tried the sport or soft and how you would rate them, squishy-wise… Thanks for this info!

    Comment by kendra | October 21, 2013

  20. Hi, I’m looking at Melunas and I’m not sure the squishiness of the L/XL classic vs. soft… are you able to shed any light? 🙂 I have a S Lunette and L Diva which seems to be the opposite of what you have. I’ve seen videos where L classic is said similar to L Diva and to me the L and S Diva didn’t seem to have a lot of difference so maybe you could answer S Diva/L Meluna classic? The chart says M classic is 9/10 but I don’t know how that would fit with Meluna Sports in the equation. Thanks for any help!

    Comment by leah | November 5, 2013

  21. Wow, you did great job! I am looking for a cup in Poland, but I did not find so good comparision in Polish language. But fortunately I found a shop with cups and now I am going to buy one. Thank you!

    Comment by Gosia | November 20, 2013

  22. Thank you for this detailed information.

    If it’s not too much trouble, could you add in how many measuring lines each cup has, and the volume at each? I have a Diva cup now which I like, but I would strongly prefer to have more precise measurements than just 7.5 mL vs 15 mL, and using a separate graduated cylinder is not practical.

    Comment by Blaze Birch | February 21, 2014

  23. Thanks for offering an updated chart!
    Thought you might be interested in an apparently new design from China–same concept as the Victoria’s Love but they claim to have improved on it with a straight discharge valve and a shorter, more Fleur-like cup design:
    This would be a neat idea if you don’t usually need to cut stems and don’t have a clotty flow. They don’t seem to be cribbing off anyone else’s design so I would be willing to give them some business if I were in the market for that type of cup.

    Comment by MC community member | January 8, 2015

  24. Yup, I have Dilan in my listings already 😀

    Comment by obsidian | January 11, 2015

  25. thank you so much for collating all this. I have referenced this file for myself and in groups countless times. Thanks! Also, since I live in India and Alx cup is one of the 3 available options here.. could you add the below dimensions for ALX cup which I received from the retailer
    For size-1
    Cup Outer Length (Does not include stem length) – 5.6 cms (Approx.)
    Stem Length – 2.6 cms

    Inner Diameter – 3.3cms (Approx.)
    Outer Diameter – 4.3 cms (Approx.)


    Cup Outer Length (Does not include stem length) – 5.8 cms (Approx.)
    Stem Length – 2.7 cms

    Inner Diameter – 3.8 cms (Approx.)
    Outer Diameter – 4.7 cms (Approx.)

    Comment by Ms. Bo Peep | February 17, 2015

  26. Thanks for updating it

    Comment by Becky M | February 18, 2015

  27. The Yuuki cup size 2 is 60 mm without stem, I measured it myself.
    Thank you for taking your time for making these charts for all of us out there using cups.
    Awesome job!

    Thanks again.

    Comment by Arecia | February 22, 2015

  28. I just found this page. I have heard of the Diva Cup, but I never realized there were so many. O.o I have never tried anyhing like his before, but I am interested. What brand would you (anyone?) recomend for a first time user? I am not sure what squishyness I would feel most comfortable wih (never tried one before), but I think I would prefer one that is more squishy, maybe a 3? Thank you for putting up his chart. Thank you to anyone that has suggestions.

    Comment by alex | May 4, 2015

  29. I really am not qualified to give recommendations…… but based on my own experience, I would think that a cup with a medium level of squishyness may be easier for a new cup user to deal with than a very firm or very soft cup.

    The squickyness ratings in the old charts isn’t good, I have a better rating now

    Comment by obsidian | May 5, 2015

  30. um not sure where the claim that the large ladycup holds 26ml comes from. i’ve seen it several times, but according to the lj charts it’s 20ml. i’ve tested it several times against my small lunette and it barely got full to the holes.

    Comment by Marina Jevdokimova | July 3, 2015

  31. Hmm, yes, you’re right. I was going by measurements I got from somewhere…. I just tested it, the large ladycup holds 20mls to the airholes and about 35mls to the rim. I’ll edit the charts.

    Comment by obsidian | July 6, 2015

  32. Do you possibly have a chart that includes price comparison?

    Comment by Robyn Brinckmann | July 8, 2015

  33. No sorry – pricing changes a lot, and different stores will charge different prices. So maintaining a list by pricing would be too difficult.

    Often you can find cups cheaper on places like Amazon or ebay than the RRP available from the official brand’s site.

    IMHO price should not be a concern, going for a cheap cup that is no good for you, ends up being false economy.

    Comment by obsidian | July 10, 2015

  34. Thanks so much for this incredibly comprehensive chart!!

    Comment by Gillian | July 24, 2015

  35. Hi Obsidian, can you tell me what the capacity to the rim are for the OrganiCup A & B? Thank you so much for your reviews and your charts, they’re worth gold!

    Comment by Sofie | August 4, 2015

  36. Small approx 28mls, large Approx 37mls

    Comment by obsidian | August 4, 2015

  37. Thanks again!

    Comment by Sofie | August 6, 2015

  38. Hi. I wanted to help out with the Organicup size A measurements. It is 66mm long including the stem, and the rim is 40mm wide. The stem seems to be 17mm long according to my ruler, and the cup itself appears to be 49mm long. The cup claims a 25mL capacity. I used a medicine dropper and DID get 25mL to the holes. I got slightly under 30mL to the rim. Hope this helps!

    Comment by motherofhavok | October 11, 2015

  39. The small Rainbow/Monzcare is 45mm in the body. I recently bought mines since I was looking for a longer body cup that wasn’t over 75mm in total length but didn’t have a large rim. I will have send the rainbow back since I was looking for a cup that had around 50-52mm in body.

    From the box:
    Size 1:
    Volume-approx 20ml

    Size 2:
    Volume-approx 25ml

    Total length for both sizes is 70mm

    The thinner silicone makes it squishier/softer than a Lunette, Sckoon and Bella cup (all in smalls).

    Comment by annasuki | October 14, 2015

  40. The measurements I have for the Monzcare cup come from their Amazon listings.

    Which is:
    size 1: 40mm diameter, 50mm length without stem, 20mm long stem, 70mm length in total. Capacity 15.5mls
    size 2: 45mm diameter, 55mm length without stem, 15mm long stem, 70mm length in total. Capacity 26mls

    Not sure why that is then different to what the box measurements give.

    Comment by obsidian | October 19, 2015

  41. I gave a notice to Amazon that the measurements were wrong. Hopefully they change it.

    Comment by annasuki | October 19, 2015

  42. Hi motherofhavok,

    Thank you! It is very nice to hear from an OrganiCup-owner, since it feels like every OrganiCup seller has different measurements of the OrganiCup. I’m actually a happy owner of an OrganiCup A now, it’s my first cup and it’s a perfect fit for me. Yay!

    Comment by Sofie | October 22, 2015

  43. I received my Duchess Cup today. On the box it says it was made in China, not the USA. So disappointing. . .

    Comment by Kell | October 28, 2015

  44. Thank you so much, this was extremely helpful!

    Comment by Katy | November 13, 2015

  45. I have a diva size large and so far it works OK for a mid cycle dry run. But I don’t know yet how it will do on my cycle. It also doesn’t open all the way. I do know that I can’t use a cup any larger then that, and I’m concerned that the lily cups might just be a bit longer. I seem to have a habit of my vag walls crumching my cup. Which is weird because I have three kids.

    Comment by Tdj | May 31, 2016

  46. This has so much great info! Has anyone ever done a comparison of the weight of the different cups?

    Comment by S | September 25, 2016

  47. Not that I know of.

    Comment by obsidian | October 12, 2016

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