Menstrual Cups

Winny Cup

While I said I wasn’t going to individually list rebranded cups any more, I will when one is particularly newsworthy….. and that’s Winny Cup.


While the cup itself is nothing unusual – it appears to be yet another rebranding of the short stemmed cups with lines around the top (eg. Blossom Cup, Dutchess Cup, Charlene, Athena, Lola etc. etc. etc.) – There are some points on their website that are worth mentioning (because, you know… I like being a bit snarky sometimes…. maybe it’s because I’ve got my period [I don’t, but according to the articles on the site I’m totally justified to be crazy and angry if I’m on my period, so hey, why not use it as an excuse!]).

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November 29, 2016 Posted by | news, The Cups | | 1 Comment