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Being sold on AliExpress

Country of origin:  China
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  S (small( and L (large)
Dimensions: S – 40mm diameter, 70mm length, length of the stem 25mm.  L – 45mm diameter, 70mm length, length of the stem 20mm.
Capacity: S = 25ml  L= 30ml
Stem: Flat tab
Measuring Lines: Yes
Cost (RRP):  Around $4 USD
Been around since:  ?
Unique Design?: No (There are other cups with similar designs available)
Other Details:  This cup looks identical to a bunch of other cups being sold cheaply on Amazon/Ebay/Aliexpress.  See Similar and rebranded cups.  Comes in Pink, Clear and Purple.



I have also seen the moon/heart stem cups being sold with the iClean box.

iclean_heart iclean_heart2

Listing #1 & Listing #2

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Cup Brands By Style

This list has now become the MASTER CUP BRAND LIST 😀  <– click that to see the list


Stem Types


Ball Stem | Flat narrow | Flat Wide | Hollow | Long Solid | Long Thin | Short Thick | Short Thin | Other


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Alicia (Re-branded to Hygina?)

alicia hygina /
Country of origin: India
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Stem: Hollow Tube with grip lines
Unique Design?: Yes (This cup design appears to have been created by this brand and has not been seen used by other brands)

Other Details: These cups don’t appear to have been available for commercial sale (other than for 6 months in AUS/NZ).  The Alicia website has been “under construction” since 2009.  The cups  seem to have been re-branded to “Hygina” and are sold as part of a stem-cell collection service.  They may or may not be available to purchase as stand-alone menstrual cups in the future.  However the design of the original Alicia is different to the design shown in the Hygina pictures. (Closer pic of the Alicia)


The longer and interesting saga seems to be that the Alicia brand was created by an Australian (Samantha Backman) living in India, and the cups were available for sale in Australia & New Zealand for about 6 months (not sure when), before being removed from the market (perhaps because they weren’t TGA approved and not actually allowed to be sold in Aus?).  They were then intended solely for the Indian market, with the creator planning to do a deal with the Indian government to distribute them among impoverished women there.  This seems to have never gone through.  The Indian company “Goldwin” lists their plans to manufacture the cup on their innovations page – they may have been (and may still be?) the original manufacturer?


The Alicia seems to have been later sold to (or partnered with?) a stem-cell company, who sell their cup named “Hygina Cup”, which is sold mainly as a stem-cell collection device, and not as a menstrual cup – although their website says they have plans to sell it as one in the future (their website is copyright 2011 – so not sure how up to date it is), and they have a facebook page that calls it a menstrual cup (with only 3 posts, the most recent being Jan 2012). So they don’t appear to have any real plans to sell the cups.

From the Hygina facebook page:

Who makes Hygina? Hygina is manufactured by Alicia International, Australia, a global name in Women’s Healthcare. It is marketed in India, by LifeCell International Pvt. Ltd. The pioneers of stem cell and menstrual blood stem cell banking in India

— It is worth noting that searching online for “Alicia International Australia” brings up no results (other than the above FB page).  The only mention of an “Alicia International” at all is a US based wig/hairpiece company, which is not the same.  If Alicia International was a global name in women’s healthcare, they surely would appear in a google search?

The Alicia International company did/does exist, trademarking the name “Menstrual Pod” in 2008 (Which appears to be the name they used instead of a “cup”), but without any form of web presence (that I could find anyway), it’s unclear what (if anything) they currently do.


Further info:

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