Menstrual Cups


Country of origin: USA
Lifespan: Claims will last up to 10 years
Composition: Gum Rubber (Latex – so can cause problems for those with allergies)
Sizes: A & B (A = After childbirth, B = Before childbirth)
Dimensions:Size B = 4.5cm wide, 5.4cm long and 2.5cm stem, Size A – Keeper – 4.6cm wide, 5.4cm long (7.9cm including stem) ?
Capacity: (My Test – Size B = (approx) 12mls to under airholes, 20mls to level with rim)
Stem: Hollow tube
Measuring Lines: No
Cost (RRP): Approx US$35 [Currency Converter]
Guarantee: 3 months
Been around since: 1987 (the oldest cup company still trading)
Unique Design?: Semi-Unique (This cup design appears to have been created by this brand. However it does have resemblances to the vintage Tasette cup)
Other Details: Suspected to be not Vegan friendly (due to Casein, derived from milk, being used in the manufacture of Latex).  Concerns about ethical trading due to use of the name “Mooncup” for their silicone product.


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  1. The Keeper is the only cup I ever tried because there weren’t any others available at that time. Mine lasted exactly 10 years. The stem can be cut to size as stated in the instructions. Too bad you couldn’t try it out. I liked it a lot. It was quite comfortable. Towards the end of the 10 years it didn’t open up properly anymore and the material became porous. But other than that it held up properly. Never had any mishaps or leakage.

    Comment by Christine | August 6, 2010

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