Menstrual Cups

Super Jennie


Country: USA
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes: 1 (large) – with plans to bring out a small size
Dimensions: 47mm diameter, 52mm length (without stem), 68mm including stem.
Capacity: 42ml
Stem: Rounded short stick
Measuring Lines: Yes
Been around since: Trademarked Dec 2014
Unique Design?: Yes (This cup design has not been seen in other brands of cup)
Other: Manufactured in the US, Registered with the FDA.  Available in colours (Pink, Blue and Teal)

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  1. I got my Super Jennie in the mail today and here is my review.

    The first thing I noticed is that the Super Jennie was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. The SJ is a very soft cup. For me it is just on the verge of being too soft, but not quite. I am one of these people who has to let the cup open and then push it up. Even though the cup is really soft, this method still works with this cup. Once the cup is in, it is like you are not wearing a cup at all. I know you can’t feel most cups but with this cup, it is as if it is totally non-existent. Even when you squeeze with your muscles, you cannot feel it whatsoever. It’s great that you can’t feel it there but I am curious to see if when I have my period that I am over-anxious because it feels like nothing is there. Sometimes just feeling I am wearing one gives me security knowing I am not bleeding all over the place.

    I did a capacity test with the SJ. It turns out that the SJ holds the exact same amount as the large Yuuki. This means it holds more than the Meluna XL but less than the Luv Ur Body.

    The stem on this cup is really thin. I like it in the fact that it looks like it is part of the cup, not a stem that has been added to the cup. When I removed the cup, it was quite easy to get out. I can’t really talk about a “seal” with the cup because I never really experience much of a seal with most cups aside from the Meluna XL Sport. I was worried that the stem would come off like the one on my large Yuuki did but I think it is going to be fine since getting the cup out was easy.

    I am not good with getting a cup to pop open while inside but I tried folding it in a C-fold for my review. The cup is pretty springy and wanted to open up on my hand while holding it. If my hands were slippery or wet, I don’t think I could have held onto it.

    I can’t write about whether or not I experienced any leaks since I am not having my period right now. We’ll see how it works when that time comes!

    Comment by bluemoon79 | October 23, 2015

  2. Also interested in this cup. I found this on the FDA site, today:
    “Proprietary Name: EvaCup; Super Jennie
    Classification Name: CUP, MENSTRUAL
    Product Code: HHE
    Device Class: 2
    Regulation Number: 884.5400
    Medical Specialty: Obstetrics/Gynecology
    Registered Establishment Name: ANIGAN INC
    Owner/Operator: Anigan Inc
    Owner/Operator Number: 10050109
    Establishment Operations: Specification Developer”

    Not sure what it all means, (but I did read your {obsidian’s} FDA-info post re: “approval” vs. “clearance”, HHE code, etc.). I couldn’t convert all of that post to the FDA info I found {pasted above}, and it still doesn’t seem to be on the FDA’s cup list you linked to in that post, so maybe it’s not registered. ? Or, I could just be really tired (from all my hours and long days of cup research!)

    Super Jennie’s site shows a packaging graphic that reads (in very large lettering) “FDA Approved Materials” – based on my research here (& common sense), that refers to the silicone, itself, and that’s probably based on previous testing done on the silicone used in the cup. Not sure if this applies to their clear and their color cups, or just the clear. Guessing it’s both, but not sure.

    Anyone have updates on the FDA and this newer cup? (FWIW, I’m also interested in the Lena & FDA…)

    {not that the FDA is the be-all, end-all of cup purity proof, but…}

    Again, SO GRATEFUL for the info you’ve posted on this AMAZING site!! 🙂

    Comment by maria :) | January 24, 2016

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