Menstrual Cups

Unnamed “Discharge” cups

(not the nicest post title :D)

unnamed_02 unnamed_02d unnamed_03 unnamed_04

Found by “Care for Women” on AliExpress

These cups are calling themselves a “discharge” cup, which is how they describe cups like the Bassrose, Victoria Love and Honey Moon, that can be emptied while still inside the vagina.

The last one shown above appears to be the same sort of design as the Victoria Love, and may empty from the sides of the stem rather than the bottom, with a ball inside to stop the cup leaking when not being emptied.

The other styles below don’t have any ball/stopper designs, so I’m not sure how the other styles work. Looking at the picture on the far right – perhaps it’s a split layer that will open when you squeeze the sides of the stem?

unnamed_02c unnamed_02e

~ Update ~
These cups are being sold under the name “Aiwo” – See the listing for them here (Aiwo)


Some of the AliExpress listings mention it being made from food-grade silicone though, not medical grade:


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  1. Hello there,
    yes, the valve will open when you squeeze the sides of the stem.
    i uploaded a video for you and show how does it work.

    Capacity Up to Rim: 25ml, Cup Diameter: 42mm, Cup Total length with Stem: 79mm, Capacity, Cup Length: 46mm, Stem length: 33mm.

    Comment by smartwatch007 | March 19, 2016

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