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MeLuna Glitter cup

I asked MeLuna for a sample of their softer (preferably a glitter!) cups… since I really wanted a comparison with their original ones.

To be honest, I didn’t like the stiffness of their original cups, and I would not buy one myself, or really recommend them to others (especially newcomers to cups) because of that… but I knew they had brought out a softer version and updated the ring/tab/ball ends, so I wanted to see how these improvements had gone.

I didn’t get any reply back from my e-mail.  Which I was a bit surprised about, since they originally were really good with offering samples to me and replying to my e-mails.

Anyway, Feminine Wear came to my rescue (again :D) and we did a little trade and she sent me one of the blue glitter cups to try.

I love it!

I don’t know why the pouch is so long…. but it is a gorgeous soft purple suede sort of thing.  The first lot of samples I got from them had a blue (shorter) similar bag… I’m thrilled this is purple 😉  I really like the material they use, it seems a lot more fancy and plush than the satin or cotton bags other companies use.  And it has a double drawstring (where you pull both sides to close it, rather than just one), which is awesome.

The new glitter one is a Large.  It’s narrower than the larger cups of other brands. The stem is much thicker than before, being about as thick as a tube stem, but solid.  This might be thick enough to be irritating for those who don’t like stems, so it is good that the MeLuna comes with different stem options.  When I first put it in, I could definitely feel the stem… and it’s… weird lol… It’s not physically uncomfortable, but I’m definitely aware of it being there, and while it’s ok if I’m sitting down/not moving, when I walk I can feel it… but after a while I wasn’t aware of it.  Either I got used to it, or it moved into a better spot… not sure.

A casual comparison (eg just putting the 2 together and going by looks rather than actual measurements) of that and the Lunette show about the same width at the rim, but the MeLuna is narrower in the body of the cup, and overall a little shorter than Lunette.  I don’t have a large Diva, which is another narrow cup, to compare it to.

As for the material.  This one is more like the silicone of the other cups.  In fact I’d never know it wasn’t silicone.  A lot softer than the old cups.  So unlike the old style cups, this folds easily, and doesn’t unfold with a sudden pop like I found the other ones did.  The material is a great improvement

Blue, pink and silver aren’t my most favourite colours (I’ll always pick a purple cup over anything else), but I tell you, if they came out with a purple glitter cup, I might just have to get one!  The glitter feels smooth, it doesn’t feel rough to touch… Such an innovative idea to have a glitter cup – it’s pretty fancy – cup bling!! 🙂

See my detailed review & comparisons with other cups here.

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  1. Has anyone figured out a good way to size these? I like the different stem choices, and I’ve been wanting to get one since they came out with the softer cups (reports of the “sudden pop” scared me, lol), but they have large, medium, small instead of just small and large like other companies.

    I know I’m not a small because I’ve already had a kid… but I can’t find any guidelines for choosing between medium and large. I’d have to order online, and I don’t want to order the wrong one.

    Comment by Lauren | June 15, 2011

  2. If it’s not silicone, what is it? I’d be a little leary of putting something with glitter in my vag long term. (I wonder about the safety of a lot of the colored cups to, though I did just order a colored Lunette.)

    Comment by K.Lee | November 27, 2011

  3. Compared to a Ladycup, the large MeLuna is a fraction longer in the body, and quite a bit narrower. I don’t have a medium to compare that with.

    They are made from TPE, a plastic used in the medical industry. In my post on safety of coloured cups, MuLuna sent me several documents on the testing of the compound they use –

    Comment by obsidian | February 14, 2012

  4. After reading many reviews all over, I ended up getting a meluna original material, and I can understand why you say you wouldn’t recommend it, I do like how easily it opens, but I do notice it is there. This is my first time using a menstrual cup, and overall I am pleased with my choice. I went with the original instead of soft just because of discussions with the people at MeLuna. They answer emails so quickly! I am looking into trying a different cup though, but I am definately sold on using one. And being mom to 3 girls, I look forward to not having to try and explain why they need to wedge a roll of who knows what into their vaginas to sort of absorb their menstrual flow…

    Comment by Abigail | May 9, 2012

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