Menstrual Cups

La Luna / Mahina

laluna  (Previously

Country of origin: Hawaii
Composition: Silicone
Sizes:  “1” (small) and “2” (large)
Dimensions: Size 1 = 41mm Diameter, 47mm Length. 25mm Stem.  Size 2 = 46mm Diameter, 52mm Length. 20mm Stem.
Capacity: Size 1 = 25ml.  Size 2 = 30ml
Stem: Flat Tab
Measuring Lines: Unknown
Cost (RRP): USD $34
Guarantee: Unknown
Been around since: Unknown (1014?)
Unique Design?: No (There are other cups with similar designs available)
Other Details:  Available in clear or “purple” (pinkish/purple).  Looks the same as the Similar/Rebranded cups.  These cups were previously known as “La Luna” and have been renamed to “Mahina”.

laluna_mahinasite  mahina_womb

La Luna site – directing to the Mahina site  &  the Mahina site with a (hopefully accidental) line saying the cup is worn in the womb

(also, it’s a small quibble, but a 10 year lifespan of a cup I wouldn’t consider a “lifetime of freedom” – I’d personally want to hope my lifetime is looooong past that :P)

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  1. Hi Obsi 😀
    Here are the infos I got in a nice answer email :

    “* Size 1(small) – diameter 40mm; length70mm; length of the stem 25mm; volume25ml
    Size 2(large) – diameter 45mm; length 70mm; length of the stem20mm; volume 30ml
    * there are 2 holes under the rim to break the suction for easeful removal
    * the size 2 (large) is a bit more flexible
    * yes, the texture is peach skin like, though not so fuzzy.. perhaps more like a nectarine ;)”

    Comment by Quitterie | January 25, 2015

  2. Interesting… Their website is where I got the measurements from

    “Size 1. Diameter is 41mm by 47mm. The stem measures 25mm. The cup volume is 25ml.
    Size 2. Diameter is 46mm by 52mm. The stem measures 20mm. The cup volume is 30ml. ”

    Not that 1mm makes a huge amount of difference I suppose…

    I have e-mailed them to ask for a sample to review

    Comment by obsidian | January 25, 2015

  3. I’m looking to replace my DivaCup and, thanks to your very helpful chart, am considering this cup. They are going by Mahina now and have an interesting site. Reading their FAQ, they state that “If you are out camping and enjoy eco-sustainable practices, the most sterile way to clean your cup is to urinate on it and then it is ready for reinsertion.”

    Has anyone tried this? Or, can provide insight on this?

    Comment by maria | January 24, 2016

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