Menstrual Cups

Daisy Cup

daisycup daisy2

I can’t find a website for them, and the only place I can find them for sale is on Amazon Here. and Here

Country of origin: ?
Composition: Silicone
Sizes:  “S″ (small), “L″ (large)
Dimensions:  Unknown
Capacity:  Unknown
Stem:  Unknown
Measuring Lines:  Unknown
Cost (RRP):
Been around since:
Unique Design?: No (There are other cups with similar designs available)
Other Details:  The older box shows a LadyCup, but the cup that is sold is a flat wide tab cup, similar to the other Similar/rebranded cups available.  There is now newer packaging  (I am assuming they are the same brand).

Youtube video showing the cup

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  1. Hi. I bought daisy cup (first and only cup I’ve used) and this week is my first time using it. I trimmed the stem and had no problem getting it in…no leaks either. I turned it inside out and it pops open even easier now.
    The box says its from Health Direct Labs in Provo, UT. I searched the FDA warnings for them and found nothing. The phone # online is the same one on the box. 888-908-0621. The website however does not appear to exist. Overall I like the product and feel safe with it, I’m just not sure why they don’t advertise. ?? Maybe Amazon/ Nutridirect is all they need. 🙂

    Comment by Louise | November 15, 2014

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