Menstrual Cups

Eve Cup

Country: Netherlands (likely made in China)
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes: 1 (small), 2 (large)
Stem: Old style = Flat tab  New style = Wide flat tab
Measuring Lines: Yes

Been around since: 2013
Unique Design?: No (There are other cups with similar designs available)
Other Details Another of the cups that looks to be very similar to others available.  See my post on similar or rebranded cups.  Were selling the narrow flat tab stem cups, but is now selling the wide tab ones.


New Cups


Old Cups

Eve_Cup_Purple_Pair Eve_Cup_Display

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  1. Obsidian :D,

    Here is the email I got, answering my questions :

    “Good morning Quitterie,

    Thank you for your email and appreciation.

    The Eve Cup has two holes on each side. Some different cup brands may have more holes, but those holes are smaller. The holes in the Eve Cup have been made large enough so it won’t create the pulling vacuum feeling and also to make it easy to clean out blood that may be left behind in the holes. 

    I have never met anyone making the comparison with a peach skin. I like it. Yes it is similar indeed. Soft, but not shiny.

    Both cups have the same flexibility. You will find that when you use it on the first day of your menstruation that it may appear a bit harder, but once it has been in your body, your body-heat will naturally make it more flexible. And then of course it hardens a bit when it cools down again after your period is finished.

    If you have any further questions please let me know.

    Warm regards,

    Comment by Quitterie | January 28, 2015

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