Menstrual Cups

Cute Chinese Cup spotted on Alibaba

Every now and then I look through Alibaba listings to see what new cup designs are being sold (in bulk) in China.  Usually it’s the standard cups you see being rebranded.  But this one caught my eye as something very unique I’ve not seen yet.


Before anyone asks where/how to buy one – Alibaba is a trade site dealing in wholesale (For example these have a 500 minimum order), so until someone buys them and offers them retail, they won’t be available to purchase.  Interestingly the listing makes no mention of medical grade silicone and just calls it “silicone’.


A couple of other interesting cup designs on Alibaba… these (from the same manufacturer as the above ones), with a wavy line around the bottom of the “ridge” part of the cup  – look to be a mid-length hollow tube stem.  Link


These valve stem cups with smooth sides (no ridge or thickening of the rim)  Link


and these Short bodied cups.  Small size has a body 33mm long, large is 37mm long. Link

March 19, 2018 - Posted by | news

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