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Why (I believe) you shouldn’t buy “Chinese Cheapies”

Everyone wants a bargain, not everyone has cash to spare  – I’m quite budget conscious myself.  I get it.  But sometimes paying a bit extra is worth it.

There are a LOT of places selling really cheap cups.  As in under $2 “cheap”.  Other brands can cost $40 or more.  For that kind of price, who wouldn’t want to spend just $2 compared to paying 20x that price!

But cheap isn’t always best.  There are a few things to consider –

1) Is the cup design a good one for you?

2) Is the material safe?

3) Do you want to support a good brand or support a dodgy one?

The thing is, a menstrual cup is really an investment.  A menstrual cup should last around 10 years.  So you’re talking about the more expensive menstrual cups costing about $4 PER YEAR or less, tampons would cost you more than that per month.  Even the most expensive cup is a MASSIVE saving on using tampons. I don’t know about you, but I consider my vagina is worth more than $4 a year to keep happy and healthy. I don’t want to be shoving anything up there for long periods of time unless I’m fairly confident that there will be no long-term side effects of that.  Cervical cancer is something I’d like to avoid and IMHO putting something of unknown and potentially dodgy composition up close to your cervix for 12 hours a day may not be a sensible idea.

At the end of the day, buy what you want – but I want to make sure people are aware of what they are buying and thinking about factors other than the price.  If you’re buying to donate to impoverished women, or buying for a friend – consider their vaginal health too.

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