Menstrual Cups

XO Flo

Country of origin: USA
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  1 size
Dimensions: 45mm diameter, 86mm long including stem, 55mm without stem (31mm stem)
Capacity: 38ml
Stem:  Long thin with bump grips
Measuring Lines: Yes (7.5 & 15ml)
Cost (RRP):  $35USD  [Currency Converter]
Been around since: 2016
Unique Design?: Yes
Other Details: Says it has inner support rings to help it pop open easily.  While GladRags is FDA registered for their pads and the Keeper, the XO Flow cup isn’t in their list of registered devices (yet?)

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This brand appears to be buying in cups from the Chinese manufacturers and selling them as different forms of Sileu Cup  (See Rebranding). [Amazon search for “Sileu”].  If you look at the box packaging, they have boxes to tick for the type of cup

The “Sport” design appears to be the narrow flat tab stem design (like “icare” etc.), the “Classic” has the flat wide tab stem, “Soft” is the short stem (“Blossom” etc. design)

The “Tulip” is a hollow tube stem, “Compact” is a collapsable/foldable design and the “Valve” is the “Bassrose” style.

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(Amazon listing for single cup in France)

I have no details on this cup yet, other than it is made in Italy.  The stem appears to be a hollow tube with very pronounced grip lines.



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Easy Life (Skynector)

This is a valve stem cup, although I’m unsure exactly how it works.  I assume it has a ball inside the stem that blocks off the stem to hold the blood in the cup, and the ball would be slid down into the bulb on the base of the stem to allow the blood to drain through the small holes on the side of the bottom of the stem.


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