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Review – Casco Cup

I am really sorry I haven’t reviewed this sooner.  I’ve had a challenging couple of months (lets just say) and haven’t been able to get the review done.  Also I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, so I wanted to wear it over 2 periods to test it out more.

The packing that comes with the cup is a box, the storage case, instructions and the cup.  The case is provided instead of a pouch like other cups come with.  The case has a white hard plastic base with a soft aqua coloured silicone top.  The base has holes in it for airflow.  One advantage of the case might be that it doesn’t look like a menstrual cup holder, so you could have it in your luggage or bathroom cabinet and your cup is safe inside without being obvious.

I have the size 1 (small) size cup, so here’s it compared to a few other cups.  It is long and narrow, so closer in shape to cups like the Diva, VCup and LunaCup


I found that for me the cup sat quite low.  Which is why I wanted to try it out over 2 months.  I’ve not worn a long cup for a while, so I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.   Because the cup is long in the body, the rim probably sits where it does on other cups (maybe even a bit higher) but with this cup the base was at about the vaginal opening.  I didn’t find it was uncomfortable there, because the stem is very short and rounded so it didn’t poke or annoy me.  I did brush it when wiping however.

Because it is longer and I inserted it a little higher than I would the other cups (to stop it hanging too low), and because I have short fingers, I did have trouble reaching the rim to check to see if it had opened properly and to break the seal.  I also found the stem was too slippery to grip properly.  However, because the stem is short and the base of the cup so low – I did find this cup was easy to grip by the base rather than needing the stem.

I found the cup was easy to insert and remove.  The fact it’s smooth on the outside (no pronounced ridge) and the smaller size probably helps with that.  The airholes and cup were not difficult to clean.

The batteries in my calipers are flat, so I can’t do the accurate squishy test, but it feels about a medium softness.  About the same as the small Lunette through the body, and a little softer than the Lunette in the rim.  The rim being thicker material is stiffer than the body of the cup, which helps it to pop open.

Inside the cup has measuring lines and measurements in both mls and oz, the size and “Made in Maine USA”.  No brand name.

The silicone on the body of the cup is frosted (not shiny) and feels nice and smooth.  The stem is not frosted, so it is more shiny and transparent and is slightly more “sticky” feeling (when dry).  There are grip lines around the base of the cup and just onto the stem, but the majority of the stem has no grip lines.  I find it a more appealing cup to look at than the other long thin cups (but that is personal choice)


I wasn’t sure how I felt about this cup, as my first experience I was a little put off by how low it sat, and it hadn’t opened properly the first time so I did have leaks (holding the base and twisting it helped that).  But after trying it a few more times I got used to the length and it didn’t really worry me.


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