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Winny Cup

While I said I wasn’t going to individually list rebranded cups any more, I will when one is particularly newsworthy….. and that’s Winny Cup.


While the cup itself is nothing unusual – it appears to be yet another rebranding of the short stemmed cups with lines around the top (eg. Blossom Cup, Dutchess Cup, Charlene, Athena, Lola etc. etc. etc.) – There are some points on their website that are worth mentioning (because, you know… I like being a bit snarky sometimes…. maybe it’s because I’ve got my period [I don’t, but according to the articles on the site I’m totally justified to be crazy and angry if I’m on my period, so hey, why not use it as an excuse!]).

Starting with their website. A “whois” search of the domain name gives the address as 23 Lexington ave New York.  According to google, that address is the old George Washington Hotel, which is now used as student accommodation for the School of visual arts.  So it seems likely this business is being run by a visual arts student.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it might be a smaller enterprise than they appear to be.  If they are buying in Chinese cups and reselling them, then having a home address rather than a factory or warehouse space makes sense.

Speaking of visuals…. They use an image of MeLuna and LadyCups, rather than their own cups.  I did try a reverse image search to see if the image was taken from another website, but I wasn’t able to find out.  Though if I were selling menstrual cups and thus had access to use them for promotional images, I wouldn’t use rival cups to make a photo for my cup website – so my assumption would be that it’s a photo taken from another website.



They claim the cups are FDA Approved:


Which as I’ve explained before, is untrue – no cups are “approved” as menstrual cups are a class I device, and only class III devices can be “approved”.  The most a menstrual cup can be is “cleared” (which is not the same thing), and that requires an expensive 510(k) “Premarket notification” process which used to be required to be allowed to sell menstrual cups in the US, but is no longer required.   However menstrual cups do need to be “registered” with the FDA.  WinnyCup also says they are FDA Registered and manufactured in the US:


But “WinnyCup” does not appear on the FDA list of registered devices.  Here’s a screenshot of that list taken on 29th Nov 2016 (the purple ones are just links I’ve looked at recently).  Now that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t FDA registered.  It could mean the online records aren’t updated yet (I don’t know how long it takes).  But it means I can’t verify if they are FDA registered, as there is no record on the list under that name.  I guess we’ll see if the name appears on the list over time. They are certainly not “approved” however.

The claim of being made in the US is interesting, because to my knowledge, all of the other cups of this shape are manufactured in China.

The also have significant portions of their website that are the same as the Anigan (Eva cup) website.



Apparently they are both made without chemicals. Which would be an amazing feat, given that even water is a chemical and silicone is a chemical compound.

Also interestingly, the reasons you should buy the Winny Cup are EXACTLY the same as why you should buy the Blossom Cup!  How’s that for a coincidence!? (But the blossom cup is cheaper – though both are more expensive than other options for the same style of cup)



Anigan..Winny… a name you can trust!



With all the same key features as… Lady Cup!




They also include a few articles…


All of which are on the Anigan blog (#1, #2, #3, #4)  Given that the last line of the 5 things men should know article says to leave a comment if you like this blog – and the Winny cup website is neither a blog or has a comment section (whereas the Anigan blog is a blog {obviously} and has a comments box), it appears to be copied from the Anigan blog, but with different pictures used in the articles.

The articles include pearls of wisdom such as:


Maybe it’s just me, but I can see this being in some sort of 1950s article about how irrational and strange those womenfolk can be.  I personally would have phrased it more like “Hormonal fluctuations can cause mood swings during menstruation”, but the “She’s an angry hell-beast because she’s on her period, ok, deal with it” (paraphrasing slightly) works too I guess…


Wow…. yeah just ignore anything I say (because nothing makes a hormonal angry woman less angry than being ignored)….. and shove food into me, that’ll work…. coz I’m just some crazy-ass-biatch who can be satiated with copious amounts of chocolate.


You should not take medical advice from a blog.  Even mine.  I’m not sure what “the real thing” is supposed to be (buying brand names?), but this highlights why you should not take random medical advice from blogs or websites, because in this case it is wrong.

While with some thing buying a “generic” product may be inferior, it’s not always the case (in food production for example sometimes the generic brand food is manufactured at the same plant it’s just packaged differently).  But certainly with medications even the generic ones still have to pass certain standards.  Generic medications are usually required to have the same active ingredients and effectiveness as the “name brand” ones.  (FDA website article & another FDA one).  Particularly things like pain medication where the active ingredients are the same amounts of paracetamol or ibuprofen, if the active ingredients are the same, then they should work the same.

There is even some debate whether or not the “fast acting” versions actually do make any significant difference to the time it takes to work.

As far as targeting period pain – they can’t.  Pain medication brand “Nurofen” found this out when it was fined in Australia (and required to remove those products from sale) for misleading claims after it couldn’t prove that there was any difference in their targeted pain relievers for period pain (and other ailments) than their non-targeted products – for which it was charging a much higher price. (Another article here and here)

Basically speaking, painkillers such as paracetamol work by blocking pain – no matter where that pain is, they work the same way.  Ones like Ibuprofen work by reducing inflammation as well as blocking pain. (more in depth explanation here).  So in that respect the article is correct in saying that there does seem to be evidence to suggest that ibuprofen may be more effective than paracetamol for period pain – but it doesn’t actually “target” period pain.


The article on how to keep your vagina happy includes 10 tips, 2 of which are about being careful during anal sex (which, while important, doesn’t really need to be mentioned as 2 separate entries in the same article, surely?)

winnycup_06 winnycup_08

(in an unrelated note – am I using the wrong toilet paper? there’s a pleasurable kind?)

Having too many sex partners apparently causes a lot of “sex infections” and the terribly non-specific “trouble“.  Also one must NEVER EVER do “the dangerous sex act” !!!  *finger waggle*

(Though frankly, telling people something is dangerous and telling them not to do it is likely to make people more likely to want to do it, especially if it involves sex 😛  {“Dangerous sex act” to me sounds like it involves a cliff, a trapeze and perhaps piranhas and/or fire} But maybe that’s why they feel the need to mention it twice?)


Not sure if they are commenting on their dislike of oral sex… *ahem* … or if they are saying oral sex is the worst for spreading “sex infection“?    In any case, it is worth noting that while using condoms ~properly~ can reduce the risk of some sexually transmitted diseases (eg those transmitted through bodily fluids), there are still some risks with both oral and penetrative sex that are not prevented with just using condoms (unless the condom is a full-body one :P)


(Itchyness…. it’s all fun and games until it leads to wounds.)

Given this is on the Anigan blog, and they make underwear as well as selling menstrual cups, I’d have hoped they know where the vagina is, and that if your underpants are touching your vagina, then you have one HELLACIOUS wedgie!!

(For those who don’t know, the VAGINA is the birth canal only – the internal tube that connects the womb to the outside world.  The VULVA is the correct name for the external genital area that includes the labia (“lips”) – which is what most people who refer to it as a “vagina” are actually talking about.  Calling the whole female genital area a “vagina” is the same as calling your bum your “intestines”)

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