Menstrual Cups

New Purple LENA

LENA now comes in 3 colours!  The original pink, as well as turquoise and now purple!

It’s no secret that purple is my favourite colour, so since I also love the shape of the LENA cup, there now being purple ones makes me very happy!  The turquoise is really lovely too.


My camera doesn’t really show the purple it as it appears in real-life, and it’s been horrible and overcast for days, so the lighting isn’t great – so in the photos it does look a bit more blue than purple, but it is a very lovely lavender colour.

The official photos show it accurately


While the colours are pastel shades, they have a very vibrant look – with a lot of colour.  They are translucent not opaque, with a lot more depth of colour than some of the other translucent coloured cups.


As with the original, the boxes are 100% recycled and are printed with vegetable-based inks!

They also mention on the box that they are FDA registered and made in California.


Since it’s a bit difficult to get accurate colours in the photos, I’ve tried to replicate the colours in the images below. Of course different colour settings on different monitors/screens may mean you see the colours on screen differently to how I do.

lena_pink_colour lena_purple_colour lena_turquoise_colour


Each box contains the cup, a pouch, instructions and a card that gives a discount to share the LENA love.






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