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TGA and Menstrual Cups in Australia

The Therapeutic Goods Administration – the TGA –  is the governing body for Australia that has a similar role to the FDA in the USA.  Menstrual cups are regulated by the TGA, and must be registered before they can legally be sold in Australia (the same way cups must be registered with the FDA to be legally sold in or to the USA)

“Menstrual cups are therapeutic devices and need to be included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) before being sold in Australia. The TGA regulates menstrual cups as ‘Other Therapeutic Goods’.” 

Cups that are purchased from overseas sources for your own personal use, do not need to be registered with the TGA, as it is legal to import an unregistered item (that is not prohibited) for your own use.  However it is not legal to sell a menstrual cup in Australia unless it is registered with the TGA.

As of 13th Sept 2016 – the following are the only menstrual cups that appear under a search for “menstrual cups” on the ARTG:

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I wanted to address this issue, as it seems to be relevant in many cases of the newer cup brands that keep popping up, and I wanted to make consumers aware of the possibility of this practice.

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