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Review – Menstro Cup & Blossom Cup

I’m sorry I’ve not posted this sooner, I’ve been really busy.    I was given the small and large Menstro Cups and Blossom Cups to try out.

I’m reviewing them both together because they are very similar cups, so I’ll be referencing them together.



Menstro Cups


When I was first made aware of Menstro Cup, I thought it might have been the same as the Blossom etc. cups.  Looking at them side by side, they are very similar but there are some differences.


menstro_revew_4bI’ve attempted to show the length difference here…. the green lines are the same distance apart


The Menstro Cup has a longer stem with a slightly shorter body, which together means there is more stem on the Menstro Cup (14mm) than the Blossom (purple left 10mm) or the other (AliExpress) cup (centre 11mm)… but overall the cup isn’t that much longer 65mm Menstro compared to Blossom 63mm.

I actually found that extra stem length to be very important!  When I tried the Blossom Cup I found it a bit difficult to get a good grip on such a small stem.  Especially with no grip rings (Although it appears the Blossom Cup now has grip rings).  The AliExpress cup with the extra grip (which I assume is what the new Blossom Cups are like) was slightly better, but I still found it’s not a lot of surface area to grip.   The Menstro Cup definitely felt easier to grip, but still felt the same in wearing as the other 2 cups.  So I appreciated this longer stem.

— I will point out that when I ordered the AliExpress cup, the listing showed a smooth stem the same as the Blossom Cup I have, and I bought it to see if they were the same cups as Blossom.  But what I received was the grip stem version.

The Menstro does have a slight ridge, but does not have the lines in that ridge that the Blossom or AliExpress cup have.  I didn’t notice any difference in wearing, insertion or removal between the 3 cups.

The Blossom and AliExpress cups have measurement lines on the inside marked at 7.5mls and 15mls in what appears to be the same overall look (font).  The Menstro has measrement lines at 10mls and 20mls and in a different font.  The Menstro also has “MenstroCup” written on the outside, and the size and their logo on the inside.  The measurement lines all look to be in the same location.

The listed diameter of the small Blossom is 42mm, I measured 43mm.  The AliExpress cup listed 40mm, I measured 42mm.  The small MenstroCup listed 43mm which is what I measured as well.

I tested the capacity of the small size cups.  Blossom lists 20ml to airholes, AliExpress listed 15mls to airholes, Menstro listed 23mls.  I measured 22-23mls to airholes on all 3 of them.

Using my “Squish Test” the Large Menstro and Blossom both squished to 28mm.  The Small Menstro squished to 26mm, small Blossom 29mm, and small AliExpress 23mm.  (I don’t have a large in the AliExpress cup).

The body of the Menstro Cup is softer/squishier than the body of the Blossom, and feels a tiny bit softer in the body than the AliExpress cup.  However I would assume that given the inconsistencies with Cheap Chinese cups listed on places like AliExpress (The cup I ordered had a different stem!), if you were to purchase one, there is no guarantee you’ll have the same feeling silicone as the one I received.

I will admit, it’s been a while since I tried these cups and I can’t recall if there were any issues with opening up, so I will have to re-test them and edit this to comment on that.   I assume by the fact I can’t remember any issues, and they aren’t super-soft, I think they were probably all fine.

Otherwise, I believe the only real difference is to do with the stems, and the fact the Menstro has proper branding.  I personally liked the longer stem, as I felt it made the cup easier to use.   I also would prefer a cup with branding on it, so I know it’s been made specifically for a brand.  Price-wise I believe Blossom and Menstro are about the same, but again I personally would pick a branded cup over a non-branded, even if I had to pay a little more.

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