Menstrual Cups



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Country of origin: China
Composition: Medical Grade Silicone
Sizes:  One Size
Dimensions: 42mm diameter, 79mm long including stem (stem is not removable)
Capacity: 25mls to rim
Stem:  Hollow tube with valve
Measuring Lines: Unknown (there appears to be markings on the cup)
Cost (RRP):  $29.99-$55 [Currency Converter]
Unique design?: Yes
Other Details: These cups were first mentioned in my “unnamed discharge cups” post.  There is a video of the operation of the valve stem here.  The cup is emptied while left inserted, by squeezing the stem to open the slit that blocks off the inside of the stem (I have not tried this style of cup to know how efficient this method is, or if it leaks).   Appears to have 2 different kinds of packaging, depending on if you buy the set of 2 or the single cup (both look very unique and elegant)

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