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Genti-She Comment

Genti-She left a comment on my Genti-she listing (3rd March 2016), to say that the site (the only website I could find for them) had been hacked and was now a hoax site:


I’d commented that the website was using photographs of other brands of cup, and that the e-mail address listed there ( didn’t work (nor does . Website screenshots:

genti-she_page4 genti-she_page1 genti-she_page2

But their facebook page ( shows unique looking cups branded with “GentiShe”, so clearly the Genti-She is a cup that is available to purchase, and it is their own cup, not the ones shown on the website.

genti-she_fb1 genti-she_fb2

However the website referenced in their facebook page name doesn’t exist, and the website listed in the “About” on their FB page is the one that doesn’t exist).

So it is all quite confusing!


Normally sites are hacked to turn them into something inappropriate or to forward viewers on to another site.  What was changed and why would someone bother?  Other than there being photos of other cup brands, the reference to Finnish Standards (presumably talking about the Lunette), and that it references being SABS approved (I’ve searched the website and can’t find reference to Gentis or Genti-She)… everything else on the site seems to be a genuine website.  What seems to be the correct contact information for Gentis (the company who makes Genti-she) was left on the site too, so why would someone “hack” the site but leave the real contact details up so that people can still make contact to try and buy from them?

gentis.address gentis.address-site

(Google search for Gentis and the contact info on the Genti-She website)

Also, which I was told is the registered site for them, doesn’t exist either!  It just goes to one of those placeholder pages that domain hosts put up when a domain has expired.  The “whois” information on the domain ( shows it was registered last year (2015), but is currently available to purchase, so since minimum registration is 1 year, something must have happened to put the domain back into availability – the records seem to indicate it was only registered for 23 days. gentis.biz_whois

So there are 3 domain names referenced for Gentis/Genti-She (, &, but none of them seem to work, and the only website for them has been “hacked”.  It is very confusing.

I invite representatives from Genti-She to clear up the confusion! 🙂


March 7, 2016 - Posted by | news

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