Menstrual Cups

Cups Cups and more Cups!

I thought it was time to do another cup lineup of the cups I have.  I have so many now that I can’t put them all in a line, but luckily I had a little wooden rack to use (Though I’m going to need to make a larger one, as it’s not big enough!)

Small Cups


(The unnamed cup is an AliExpress cheapy I bought to see how it compared to similar looking cups)


Large Cups


I couldn’t fit them all on the stand, so I did the main unique cups in the top one, and added the others in below.


(The unnamed cup on the far left I bought on Ebay)

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Cup Quiz and Insertion Video

I found this interesting cup quiz!  It asks a few questions and suggests a cup that might be suitable for you. (I got Lena when I did it).


That site also has a great video of inserting a menstrual cup, using an anatomical model.

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