Menstrual Cups

Menstro Cup


Country:  USA (Manufactured in China)
Composition: Silicone
Sizes: Small & Large
Dimensions: Small = 43mm diameter, 48mm without stem, 64mm long including stem.   Large = 46mm diameter, 52mm without stem, 70mm including stem.
Stem: Short thin stem
Measuring Lines:  Yes
Cost (RRP): USD $29.99
Been around since: 2015
Unique design?: No (There are other cups with similar design available)
Other Details:  This cup looks very similar in shape to the Blossom/Dutchess/Charlene etc. cups, however it does have a few differences that mean it must be a cup that has been manufactured for this brand, and NOT a rebranding.  It has the brand name on the cup itself, and a few slightly different design elements (as well as slightly different measurements).

Here is a photo of the Blossom cup, a cup I bought from AliExpress and the Menstro.  You can see the shape is very similar, but the Menstro stem is longer, Menstro has branding on it, and it doesn’t have the lines along the rim that Blossom or the AliExpress cup has.



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