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iClean – Review


My iClean came with no box, a little instruction leaflet and a really poor excuse for a pouch – one of those organza bags you usually find jewellery or something like that put into.  Not really suitable for a menstrual cup pouch – but these are very cheap cups, so you can’t expect much.

The holes weren’t punched through as neatly as other cups, with some displaced silicone on the outside and inside of the cup.

iclean1 iclean2

I got this one in the small size, so that I could see what it was like compared to the large Aneer I bought – since they look identical.  In look and feel, they do seem to be in the same silicone and basically from the same mold. The only difference I can see is that the Aneer stem is slightly more rounded on the very end, and has a slight more of a lean to it.

icleananeer1 icleananeer2

I thought that this cup, being small, would be able to open up (since I had trouble with the large Aneer opening up), but I did have trouble with it too.  I did only try it once,so things could be different if I tried it again, but I fiddled around for a few moments trying to get it to open and it didn’t.  So I think it’s just too soft for me.

I know I’m supposed to be impartial and give all cups a go, but I don’t really trust the safety of the silicone of the ultra-cheap cups, so I really got it only for visual comparisons, and so that I had one of this brand for my collection – rather than to actually test the cup out by wearing it.


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  1. Yup, looks exactly like the iCare again. the icare is firm enough that I haven’t had problems with popping open (or maybe it’s just that the rim is thicker than on my other cups). I just wish it had a rounded stem because my cervix leans and the flat stem can be pokey if not inserted just right.

    Comment by MC Community Member | April 29, 2015

  2. Anyone tried the Iclean cups? I get a tiny burning sensation after a while. Anyone else got that?

    Comment by Louise | July 19, 2015

  3. I got burning from the moon-stem cup I bought on ebay…. some people suggested it could be the chemical they use to release the cups from the mold…

    Did you boil/steralise the cup first – because that should have washed that stuff off…. If you did and it still caused burning, then I don’t know what is causing it, but it could be a sensitivity to the material it is made from.

    Have you tried any other cups?

    Comment by obsidian | July 23, 2015

  4. Oh no! I find this just after I purchased one… Oh well I guess it will give an idea how a cup works for me before I invest in a more expensive one

    Comment by Nicole | April 27, 2016

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