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Gaia Cup – Review


The Gaia Cup pouches are a bit different to the other pouches – they have the brand name on a clear plastic tag on the side, and they have a flat base!


The Gaia Cup comes in 2 sizes, but according to the measurements, there is only 1mm difference between the sizes, so I’m really not sure what the point of having both sizes is…..

Both cups look identical, it’s only the writing inside that tells you which size that lets you know.  If you put them against each other, you can see the rims are the 1mm difference, but it’s such a small amount.  Though their website only seems to have the large size now, so maybe they don’t offer the smaller one any more?




The silicone has the “peachskin” sort of feel to it.  Very soft, my “Squish Test” measured it at 21mm compression – the same as the Si-Bell.  It has a nice feel to it.

Because I like having a good stem to grab onto, I found this short little stem to be quite slippery and not have enough grip – even though it does have grip lines on it.  I found it quite difficult to remove because of this.  But, on the plus side – I couldn’t feel the stem, so if you’re someone who normally has to cut stems off, then this might be a good compromise.

As with all the softer cups – I have to push against the vaginal wall to give the cup enough space to open up fully.  Because there was no smaller diameter version to try, this would be a problem for me, as normally a softer large cup has trouble opening but the smaller sizes are usually ok.  So I personally prefer a firmer cup.

The outside is smooth, no ridge, so it is comfortable for insertion and removal.  The inside rim of the cup has the brand name and size.  The airholes are a good size for cleaning.

These cups were kindly donated to me by Coppetta Mestruale for review.  Thank you 🙂

See my detailed review & comparisons with other cups here.


April 25, 2015 - Posted by | reviews |


  1. I am grateful for your review! There is relatively little information out there and I have been curious about the Gaia for a long time. Still debating. =)

    Comment by trejoy | May 4, 2015

  2. You didn’t mention if the cup leaked or not? Thank you for all your hard work!

    Comment by firestar2124 | March 26, 2016

  3. The only cup I have ever had leak was the Diva I tried – but that has a hole punched in the side as it was a “sample” cup.

    Comment by obsidian | May 4, 2016

  4. I use the gaia cup and i Love it because is very soft and i have a sensible bladder so i think Its very comfortable to me the only think its that is very hard to put inside and try to open correctly

    Comment by Denise | July 14, 2016

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