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Cup Lee – Review

Cup Lee has been one of the cups I’ve wanted to try for a while.  They were a cup brand available in colours quite early on – and they have a purple 😀

Cuplee_1The packaging I got has a (folded up) sheet of something (in Russian) as the top of the bag.  Which is an interesting way of doing it – but the problem was that unless you use a staple remover, or remove them carefully, you can tear that.

Cuplee_2The instructions came in English and Russian.  The pouch it comes in has a sort of linen look/feel to it.  The cup is a pinky-purple (magenta sort of colour), a bit more pink than I like my “purple” to be.  but it’s still pretty.  Some of my photos make it seem slightly more pink than it actually is, the photo above looks right to me.

The silicone is the more “sticky” kind of silicone, which in some ways doesn’t feel as nice as the more “peachskin” ones, but it does give a bit better grip I think.  The stem is a hollow tube, with raised grip rings. I usually find the tube stems can feel a little uncomfortable when they are not trimmed, so I could feel the stem of this cup, and I don’t find the tube stems have as much grip as a tab stem.

Cuplee_4 Cuplee_5,

The cup has a low profile ridge area around the top rim, which I find makes it more comfortable to insert and remove than cups with a more defined ridge.No writing or markings on the cup at all.  No branding, no measuring lines and no size markings.


“Squishyness” wise, it’s very soft…. In my “Squish test” the large compressed to 22mm, which makes it firmer than Sibell (21mm) but softer than Juju/Sckoon (23mm).


I found that as with the softer cups, with the large size I had to press against the vaginal wall to help it open up.  But it did not seem to have as much trouble opening up as some of the other soft cups have.

All in all, I was quite happy with this cup.  As I say in most of my reviews, I prefer other stem types, but other than the stem (and that I personally prefer a more blueish-purple colour), I did like the shape of this cup.

See my detailed review & comparisons with other cups here.


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