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Bassrose – Review


This cup is interesting because it has a hollow stem, with a marble ball at the end that forms a stopper.  So that you can push the ball back up the stem to release the “valve” and let the cup empty without needing to remove it.

At first it seems really long.  But it isn’t actually much longer than some of the long cups.  Shown below with a small size LunaCup and DivaCup. The body of the cup is quite small too.

bassrose2 bassrose4

In the stem you can see there is a larger rounded part – this is where the ball is pushed to, when the cup needs to be emptied.  The ball is then pushed into the narrower part of the end of the stem to seal the stem off again.

The silicone is the more “sticky” kind, and about a medium level of softness.  When measured in my “Squish test” it compressed to 28mm.  Making it one of the firmest small cups I have.  There are no airholes in the cup, but I had no trouble with leakage or removal.  There are no measuring lines or markings on the cup.

To be honest, I don’t really see this design as being as much benefit as it gets advertised as – I don’t think cups are that difficult to remove for cleaning, and there are some issues with the design.  But I can see it being of benefit if you are out of the home and don’t want the hassle of having to empty a cup.  I imagine it would be difficult to tell if the cup was emptied properly while you are wearing it though.  I only tested it by removing the cup and emptying it – so that I could see how well it emptied and cleaned, so I could better review it.  I haven’t yet tested emptying it while still inserted.

I also would be worried about the ball dislodging and the cup emptying while you are wearing it. While it seems that it needs a decent amount of force to get the ball dislodged to empty the cup, I do still worry if it is possible it could dislodge by itself and allow the cup to leak. I would only feel confident wearing it if I had a pad on – but that is partly because I am already paranoid about leakage thanks to a white-pants-tampon-mishap back in my teenage years 😛

I was also worried about the ball falling out while cleaning – but I’ve actually tried to push the ball out of the stem, and you’d have to really try hard to do it.  I did try while it was dry, so maybe when it’s wet it could be easier, but I wasn’t able to get the ball out through the end, but if I really tried hard I could push it up the stem towards the body of the cup (I don’t recommend doing that though, it’s difficult to get it back into place again :P)  and the cup does come with a spare ball just in case it did somehow manage to fall out.  But I don’t think that would be likely.


I tried it a couple of times, and I must say – I was pleasantly surprised.  I actually found the stem more comfortable than some of the hollow tube stems!  I barely felt it.  Because it is longer, and rounded on the end, I think it pokes less than a shorter stem with a straighter end.  I also did not have any troubles with the ball moving or the stem leaking.

One of the things that I have seen discussed with this design of cup (and also the Victoria Love, which is a similar design), is that menstrual blood is thick and sometimes clotty – so we wondered if it was possible for it to flow out of the stem easily.  The Victoria Love design seems to have smaller holes on the sides of the end of the stem, whereas the Bassrose has a larger hole right at the end of the stem.  So out of the 2, it seems like the Bassrose design will work better for clots or thick blood.  I don’t know if I had any clots when I tried it, but it emptied fine – I did have to sometimes press the stem a bit to move the ball back up into that larger section, but no blood seemed to get stuck in the stem.

To better show people how the valve/ball works, how easily it emptied and how it doesn’t seem to leak when the cup is full – I have a photo and a video of the cup containing menstrual blood, to show you how it actually works.   Yes, actual blood 😛   I will put the links here so you can choose to look at them or not, if you think it’s gross, just don’t look.  I won’t be approving any “eww that’s gross” comments either, you can keep those thoughts to yourself 🙂


Click at your own risk 😛

Bassrose Cup with blood Photo | Bassrose Cup emptying/cleaning Video


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  1. Thankyou for all your great reviews!!! This one I was particularly interested in as I’ve been looking at this cup for a while. I was disappointed with the Victoria’s love cup (small) as it was altogether nonresistant to being squished, it would just be flat inside. So knowing this cup is firmer gives me hope. Also the body of the VL cup is tiny so two drops and you’d have to change it, plus no room in stem for blood, so this cup with its rounded and bigger body looks like it is a more resonable capacity. Plus the stem held blood too which I liked seeing in your video! How much do you think it holds? Is it a similar capacity to the small sckoon? Is the hole at the bottom scratchy on the vulva like the two holes on the VL? Thankyou 👍😊

    Comment by yayforcups | April 25, 2015

  2. I couldn’t feel the hole in the stem….

    I’ll test the full capacity for you shortly.

    Comment by obsidian | April 25, 2015

  3. Thanks that’d be great 😊

    Comment by yayforcups | April 25, 2015

  4. This is a brilliant idea! the possibility of less ‘excuse me while I whip this out’ moments – I’ll definitely be looking for this one, I’m hoping the longer stem and somewhat different cup shape will prevent this model from flying up and flipping over like my two divas are rather prone to do during the latter half of my period! The drainage time could be a problem for me as in how does one know if the cup has fully drained as opposed to just being clogged up by a large clot…risking an overflow a little later, or perhaps I’m just overthinking this.

    Comment by Skyye Bissett | April 27, 2015

  5. Yeah I’m not sure how the emptying really goes in actual wearing….. since you can’t see to know how it’s going. I guess ultimately the only problem if it doesn’t empty fully is if it then overflows….

    Total capacity is about 20-21mls when I measured.

    Comment by obsidian | April 27, 2015

  6. This cup could be really helpful for those who have need-to-see-a-doctor levels of bleeding and are otherwise emptying cups every hour. It could be discharged every time you pee basically. I kind of wish this one were a bit wider actually but if I find one cheap I may give it a go. The opaque maroon colored one looks very pretty but it would be hard to keep track of the flow in it.

    Comment by MC Community Member | April 29, 2015

  7. I bought this one and it rocks. I’ve used a cup for over 15 years now and this one doesn’t leak more or less than the others. (I only leak when I wait too long to empty.) The valve system is the coolest thing since sliced bread. With other cups, you really have to get in there to empty it which is complicated in a porta potty with no toilet paper or while on a backpacking trip. With this cup, it takes two fingers to open what I think of as the “faucet,” empty, close and go. SOOO much easier because when the situation isn’t super sanitary, you could potentially leave it in for days as long as you empty it regularly. If periods could be dreamy, this cup would be the dream maker.

    I’ve only come back to this post so that I can remember what the cup is called in order to recommend it to a friend.

    Comment by JHunny | February 14, 2017

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