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Message from Anigan about Eva Cup

Anigan (EvaCup) posted a couple of comments to different posts here, which I didn’t publish to the blog because some of them weren’t in relevant areas, but I’ll repost what they said here (which makes it more visible to everyone anyway).

I invite Anigan to make more comments to this post if they wish.

“First of all thank you for your interests in reviewing EvaCup. We would like to take this opportunity to make it clear to everyone that EVACUP IS NOT A KNOCK OFF. We designed, developed and patented EvaCup in the US and we’re manufacturing EvaCup in the US as well.

We are a company that specialize in menstrual products and try our best to make HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS with AFFORDABLE PRICES for women of all classes. Our quality isn’t any less than more expensive brands. EvaCup is made in a FDA registered facility as well.
We do have issues with China copying our cups and have been taking legal actions against them. They stole our design and sold the cups on Alibaba. We hired a China lawyer and international lawyer to fight them. After receiving warning letters from our lawyers, China manufactures slightly changed the cup design and continue to sell on Alibaba. We are still fighting against them but the Chinese government is not taking copyright and infringement as serious as western countries, so it’s a long journey for us.

We encourage you not to buy China made cups as their safety and quality are in question (Through our further investigations we discovered that they falsely claimed their materials. They are in fact not using medical grade silicone).

The following cups that have design like EvaCup you see on market are all the same China made cups with private labels.

– Dutchess
– Blossom Cup
– Femma Cup
– Charlene Cup

Check out our website and Facebook for more info about EvaCup. We launched EvaCup in August 2014.

Instagram: aniganstainfree”


And also:

“It has come to our attention that even after we hired several lawyers including a patent lawyer for international, and specifically for China and the USA, we are still being targeted for design and rebranding.
While we find it very flattering, we began our company to offer a SAFE, well made product that was both environmentally friendly and affordable. We spend and continue to spend a great amount of time and money for testing to give you a product that uses certified and safe materials in an FDA registered facility. The materials “they” use may NOT be safe for use inside your body, as well is their colors and pigments.
We don’t want to name names, but we have had our lawyers contact counterfeit sellers and hope that they comply with NZ government. You may still find them listed on selling platforms however, “Currently Unavailable” will be shown when trying to purchase them. It’s a long process to fight infringement as some governments don’t take it as serious as western countries. Some counterfeit sellers slip through the cracks or haven’t complied yet.
As we continue to fight off the infringements, please bear with us and look for our trademark to be sure you are purchasing a product that has been tested safe.
***We are currently pending our US patent and have recently added our EvaCup logo to our mold so that YOU know you’re getting a product that you can trust!***


I’d like to point out that I’ve never accused EvaCup as being a copy/rebranding, I have simply listed here all the brands of cup have the same design (which is an “Aneer” and a no longer available “Cerene” brand), in the interests of sharing information.

There are a few questions I’d like to bring up though….


Firstly with the safety of cheap Chinese cups – this is something that quite a few people are interested in, so we would love to have any insight Anigan can give about why some of these cups may be very cheap, and what leads them to believe they aren’t medical grade silicone.  What have you seen that makes you believe they aren’t medical grade silicone?

On the cup design and other “copies”…..  EvaCup looks like this:


Which has a distinctive grid-like pattern of lines around the base of the cup, with a short thick stem with grip lines and smooth “ridge” area near the rim of the cup – and the same design has been seen being sold on places like AliExpress with the name “Aneer” as well as with no brand name, and was being sold as a “Cerene” but that brand renamed to “Continuon” and sells iCare cups now.

The brands that Anigan mentioned, Dutchess, Blossom, Femma and Charlene (Also Cup’ax and Playtamx, which weren’t mentioned but are the same design too) are different designs of cup to the EvaCup though.  Those all look like this:


Having short thin stems (with no grip lines), rings of grip around the base and rings around the “ridge” part near the rim of the cup.

So I invite Anigan to discuss how those brands are selling cups that are the same as EvaCup?

While clearly some (if not all) of those brands are rebrandings and it is unclear who the original was – To me, saying those brands are a copy of the EvaCup would be like saying that the EvaCup is a copy of a Diva…. both have similarities and differences.  Afterall, most cups available today are very similar in design elements to other cups – mostly with slight changes to the stem design and “ridge” area.

Also, EvaCup website says “EvaCup is made in a FDA registered facility as well.”  – Since EvaCup itself is not a registered device with the FDA, and Anigan is not a registered establishment – is it possible to disclose which FDA registered facility is manufacturing the cup?   I also notice that there is no 510(k) Premarket Notification lodged for the EvaCup.  I invite Anigan to discuss this with us also.

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  1. Thank you for giving us a chance to make comments and answer your questions.

    First of all, we are aware that you have not accused EvaCup as being a copy/rebranding. We saw a question posted on your site asking if EvaCup is a knock off and we were trying to respond to that question. We would like to tell people what is going on and why they see all these cups selling on AliExprss that look exactly like EvaCup. The manufacturer in China which is NOT FDA registered facility made those cups and sold to different trading companies (they have no clues of the materials used to make the cups) to resell on AliExpress and Alibaba.

    We hired lawyers to stop them from copying and selling our cup. Then the China manufacturer modified the design into what you are currently seeing – (Dutchess, Blossom and Femma) like we mentioned on our last post. Their “new” design has the exact same dimensions as EvaCup, but with a few minor cosmetic design changes. They also copy the exact same colors that we have. There is a similarity in design, but selling exact of the same design is absolutely not okay. We are not against the sellers of these cups but we do try to fight that manufacturer in China.

    FYI: FDA has exempted clearance for menstrual cup. It’s why you don’t see a 510(K) Premarket Notification lodged for EvaCup.

    Comment by Anigan | March 16, 2015

  2. Hmm ok….. Even though I was asking the FDA questions about premarket notification only last month (specifically bringing up cups like Blossom/Dutchess) – they didn’t tell me that my questions were irrelevant if cups are exempt, as indeed they do seem to be:

    I wonder if that changed when they announced in Dec last year that cloth pads also didn’t need premarket notification any more? MeLuna has a premarket notification from July 2014.

    Comment by obsidian | March 16, 2015

  3. Hello^^
    Such a shame.. So you’re also having problems with a cup ‘depending on’ New Zealand government ? ;s

    Comment by Quitterie | March 16, 2015

  4. The “Cerene” cup, which was initially the same design as the EvaCup, and then was selling iCare cups calling them a “Cerene” – was from New Zealand. The same Amazon listing for them now has them called the “Continuon” and they appear to be still the iCare cups.

    Comment by obsidian | March 16, 2015

  5. I guess that Anigan’s main mistake was to have their cups produced in China. This made it easy to have knock offs pop up on the market that look exactly the same – maybe even produced in the same facility? The AvaLoona cup is one example:
    Then as a cumstomer I wonder of course what to think of these.

    I am aware that by now EvaCup is produced in the US, so I’m much more confident about its quality. If international shipping weren’t that darn expensive I might give it a try.

    Comment by Monika | March 17, 2015

  6. Yup, there are many accounts of knockoff producers even hiring the same employees who work in the factories owned by the legit companies (Eva, NaturalMamma, etc) and using the same buildings and equipment at night, while the legit companies work during the day. It’s extra money for the employees so many are happy to do it. That’s why the knockoffs are so close.

    Comment by MC Community Member | March 17, 2015

  7. Hello, I know this is al old post, but I wanted to know if you are aware (and your thoughts on) of the lawsuit Anigan received from a group of 5 different companies that sell “generic” menstrual cups and a Chinese manufacturer who are acusing Anigan and their CEO of stealing and patenting the menstrual cup design as their own invention. I was doing some research on those generic menstrual cups vs. Anigan’s EvaCup and found the lawsuit document (which is dated 01/04/2017) and I was in shock, because Anigan states in their website that the Evacup was designed in the U.S. but the document states otherwise. It’s a bit long but the have exhibits of emails and a bunch of things that fully support that Anigan stole the mold and commited fraud when patenting the design. Do you know anything about this?

    This is the link to the document I found:

    Comment by Jess88 | November 8, 2017

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