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Review – Si-Bell


One of the Si-bell cups came in a cotton bag, the other came in a silicone (I assume) bag.  I have to say though, the silicone bag feels AWFUL!  It’s just a disturbing type of feel to it, hard to explain but not nice to touch at all.  It also picks up all manner of fluff and dust.  I dropped it on the carpet by accident…. and lets just say…. I have 2 cats….. that pouch got very furry, I had to wash it off 😛

But anyway…. the cups are nice 🙂




They are indeed identical to ClariCup


Although Si-bell has slightly softer silicone


Testing it out

When I tested out the ClariCup I was really impressed with it, it was the first cup I’d tried with a thin “stick” stem that gave a good amount of grip.  So since the ClariCup seems to have been made with the Si-bell cup mold, they are obviously the same in how they feel when worn.  The smoothness of the outside of the cup makes for easy cleaning and comfortable insertion/removal.  The stem is excellent, I can’t feel it at all when it is in, yet it also has great grip.

The Si-bell airholes are properly punched through, when ClariCup holes were a bit messy.

It has a white frosted look to the silicone.  A “peachskin” type feel, it feels nice to touch.


I personally prefer a coloured cup to a clear one, because I don’t like the golden colour cups get and a colour is more fun to me….. and I prefer the slightly firmer silicone of the ClariCup – so since the Si-bell and the ClariCup are identical in design, I would choose ClariCup over Si-bell.  But if you don’t like the blue colour of the ClariCup, then Si-bell would be the better choice, as it seems to be slightly better made.  You’d probably want to get a new pouch for it though 🙂

See my detailed review & comparisons with other cups here.

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  1. Yeah, I have the pink limited edition Si-Bell and am not a fan of that silicone bag…although it’s actually kind of convenient as a soaker bag, to fill with hydrogen peroxide and soak your cups in to get the stains off. You can pull the drawstring closed so the h2o2 doesn’t degrade with exposure to light. That’s about all I use it for. (My other 2 cups came with bags, and I happened to find a cloth bag left over from some other thing that works as a cup bag, so the silicone one doesn’t have any use really)

    You’re also getting me REALLY interested in the Claricup! I do love the Si-Bell’s softness but I’m too cautious to be able to really pull on the stem like I often need to (I had an accident with my small Si-Bell when I applied some petrolatum ointment that caused the stem to snap halfway off). And like you, I prefer colored cups.

    Comment by MC Community Member | March 15, 2015

  2. Thanks a lot for this comparison! I’ve had the Si-Bell on my wish list for a while, but I really like the Claricup’s colour. Ah, decisions, decisions!

    Comment by Monika | March 19, 2015

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