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Review – Aneer

I thought I’d better get an Aneer brand cup, to see what it was like.

AneerNo box, just those in a mailing envelope.  I purchased it off ebay.

I see a lot of Aneer and other Chinese tab stemmed cups with bent stems, and when mine arrived, the stem was squashed into the corner of the bag – so I wondered if that is what causes it – but when it came out of the bag, the stem was pretty much straight, just a little lean.

Aneer2 Aneer3

This is supposed to be the “purple” colour…. I don’t have a pink one to compare it to, but looking at it on it’s own, I’d call it pink not purple, so it must be only very slightly more purple than the pink one.  Which is a shame 😦

The silicone is the more “sticky” kind, that some cups have.  It feels ok though.  I find some of the frosted silicones can feel a bit “plastic” so I think I prefer a “sticky” silicone to one of the “plasticky” ones.  It has 2 very small airholes.

I don’t have a large Diva to compare it to (Since this Aneer is large), but it does seem to be a cross between a Diva and a Lunette in style.

Aneerdiva Aneerlunette

Compared with my (small, old style) Diva, you can see if does closely resemble that shape.   It’s a bit taller and narrower than the Large Lunette.  Also the ridge area is longer on Aneer – so it is more similar to a Diva, but with a tab stem.   I have heard Diva changed their rim from the more pointy to a smoother one too (Diva refused to send me a new one, so I’m only able to go by what I’ve heard)

Testing it out

Since this one didn’t have a chemical smell to it (like my moon stem cup), I felt more confident trying it out to see what it was like.  It is *VERY* soft, the softest of all the cups I have.  in hindsight I should have realised that it was going to be very soft and bought the small. So unfortunately since I have trouble getting the soft large size cups to open, I wasn’t able to get this one to open up at all.  No matter what I tried.  I imagine if I had the small size, I’d probably be able to get that open, so it’s a shame I didn’t get a small.   I guess I’ll have to get a small size and try that out and update this.

But, I wore it for a few mins not being opened fully, so I could see how the stem feels, and I was not able to feel the stem at all.  So in that respect, I think the very soft silicone is good for stem comfort.   Though I do find the tab stems to be a comfortable design anyway.  It is a quite long stem, so even if you have a high cervix you may need to trim some of the stem off.


As I’ve made pretty clear, I’m hesitant to recommend very cheap cups, because I do wonder if the quality of the silicone is as good as the more established and more expensive brands.  But other than the difficulty of opening for me (which I do have with a lot of soft cups), and a potential difficulty cleaning airholes that are so small…. there is nothing else really wrong with this cup, style/design wise.

Stem is comfortable, it has good grip, the silicone doesn’t feel any “cheaper” than other similar (“Sticky”) silicone cups…. there were no defects – in fact I’ve had Lunette and other brands of cups that have a little rough silicone around the seams… whereas this one is perfectly smooth all over.  All in all, it looks pretty good.

See my detailed review & comparisons with other cups here.


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  1. Yeah, from what you’ve said the Aneer seems almost exactly like the iCare, though the iCare is thicker/firmer than my Si-Bell and Rainbow (you have a Si-Bell right? So you can compare the firmnesses of the two?)…love my iCare for high cervix/low capacity days (I got the small) but I have to insert it at just the right angle or the side of the tab stem will poke me the wrong way. As long as the flat side of the stem is facing the side I don’t feel it at all. My cervix leans left though so stems can get pokier on me than on most. And the iCare is by FAR the easiest to remove of any cup I have.

    Comment by MC Community Member | March 15, 2015

  2. When I did the squish test, Si-bell was a 21mm and Aneer was 18mm.

    I haven’t got a Rainbow or iCare to compare them to.

    Comment by obsidian | March 15, 2015

  3. Thaaaaaanks for writing this. It’s just what I needed.
    This is the only cup available in my country (it’s being sold online. Also a ridiculously overpriced large Diva Cup, wich I’m not buying because it would mean spending 3 months worth of salary on it and… no, just no). Even if the brand Aneer is only on the box and it’s not actually linked to a specific menstrual cup, your pics and the seller’s tell me we’re talking about the same cup. I’ll get a small one based on my age, flow and your advice about its squishiness.
    I have some friends in engineering school and chemistry school and I’ll try to get some testing done on the material (perhaps by cutting a part of the stem, we’ll see…) to see if it has pftalates, if it’s silicone and if it contains heavy metals.
    Again, thanks, this review is a huge relief.

    Comment by Hazel | April 9, 2015

  4. Hi Hazel. I’d love to know how it went for you with this cup and if your friends were able to test it.

    Comment by Gisela Lara | November 3, 2015

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