Menstrual Cups



Country of origin: India
Composition: “high quality silicon”
Sizes:  “1” (Small), “2” (large)
Dimensions: 1 =  43mm diameter, 56mm long without stem, 26mm stem  2 = 47mm diameter, 58mm long without stem, 27mm stem.
Capacity: Unknown
Stem:  Flat Tab
Measuring Lines: Unknown
Cost (RRP):  [Currency Converter]
Unique Design?: No (There are other cups with similar designs available)
Other Details: Looks to the the same as several other tab stem cups – see Similar/rebranded cups.

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  1. Hi, thought I’d help fill up the blanks on this one…
    The small, as I’ve been told, can comfortably hold up to 18 ml, and the large- up to 30 ml, measuring lines at 7.5 ml and 15 ml. I own a large one, and it hold true. The silicone is slightly similar to the she cup in texture, pliable yet firm enough to hold its place against the walls, good thickness, has a soft tab too. Its seems closer to the lunette as far the design is concerned, slightly bulb shaped body which contributes to the capacity as well as sturdy grip against the walls. I might be able to say, I got an affordable version of the lunette!

    Alx (Alexander Care) is just a company that deals with medical or alternate medicine, from what I understand, they have taken the task of distributing these nameless cups which originate from China, (under their name) as most do, no surprise there!
    I would recommend these nonetheless!

    This site has really helped me a lot, as far as information related to menstrual cups is concerned. Thank you!! ^^

    Comment by Eleanor | September 30, 2015

  2. @ Eleanor – Can you please confirm if the 18ml and 30ml measurement is till the air holes or completely up to the rim? I used my 1st cup, a she cup, for 1st time last cycle. But i felt the holding capacity is not good enough for my 2nd day which is pretty heavy. So was planning on buying Alx cup size 2 or anything available in India around the same cost. Ur feedback would be of great help.

    Comment by Harini | February 26, 2016

  3. @Harini- When I did check whether the cup was able to hold up to the capacity claimed on paper, it sure proved to do so, up till the holes. But I’ve only been able to confirm with the L.

    Regarding SheCup, which is only 16ml, yes, even I had trouble on the second day(almost every time). It can only be used for light to medium flow.
    Also, do look out for tiny bubbles or any roughness on the surface of Shecup(in and out{especially}), it stakes place around the 3-4 round of use. If it shows up, do report to the company and discontinue. You can find em on fb.

    If you are comfortable with the length and diameter of Shecup, then I would suggest you go straight for the L in ALX.
    You will have to make the hole prominent as some of them are not punched through properly. (You can use needle head version of a blackhead remover.)

    Cheers ^^

    Comment by Eleanor | March 7, 2016

  4. @Eleanor, I’ve been using a Lunette size 2 for years now and am looking for a backup cup. Would you say the Alx has a slightly better capacity than the Lunette or is it the same?

    Comment by Cheryl | March 19, 2016

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