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Nameless moon stem cup – Review

I’ve been wanting one of these cups for a while, because they are purple, and have a cute moon stem – and I wanted to see what these cheap Chinese cups were like.

I tried to buy one in the past, from Aliexpress, but it never arrived – I contacted the seller and they said they would send another – I never got it.  So I decided never to buy from Aliexpress again (no buyer protection), so when I saw one of these cups on ebay, where I could pay with paypal and have some recourse if it never arrived, I figured I’d spent a whopping $3.80 (including postage!) and buy one.

This one actually did arrive!

namelessmoon_bagIn no expense spared packaging 😛 (I know, you can’t expect anything more for $3.80!)

The first thing that struck me.. physically… was the SMELL!  I’d heard people comment on the fact some of these cheap cups have a plastic/chemical small, and now I know what they mean.  It was really strong.  The more the cup has been left out of the bag and allowed to air out, the less smell it has, but it was very offputting!

Which really concerns me…. No other cup I’ve had smelled.  So I don’t know what type of silicone they used, or what additives are used… but something seems not right.  The listing just says it is made from “Silicone” – so it does not specify it is Medical Grade silicone…. which means it might not be.

That aside… it’s a really pretty colour and a really pretty design!



It is however basically a Lunette with a moon on the stem


Same size (maybe a mm smaller), same shape, same size ridge around the top, measuring lines in the same location and the same spacing… Which… (copyright infringement aside) would work well for me since I do love my Lunette, and I love purple!

The silicone is really really soft, with that “peach-skin” (smooth, not sticky or plasticky) feeling.  It does feel really nice.

Surprisingly, I didn’t have too much trouble getting the cup to open, which I often do with softer silicone cups.  It might be because I’ve been wearing other cups all day, not sure.  I did have to press against my vaginal wall to give it enough space to pop open as I normally do, but I didn’t have as much trouble as I expected I would.

Here it is with a squish test, compared to a large Sckoon.



There are a few sections where the seams are a little rough, but frankly, I have a couple of cups including a Lunette that have that too…. so that doesn’t really bother me.  The airholes however, haven’t been punched all the way through.  My camera isn’t good enough to show this well, but on the outside they look like they go through, but on the inside there is no hole, just a piece of silicone poking out where the hole should go through (which looks white against the purple cup).  I think I could probably pull on that slug of silicone and I could cut it off which might open the holes, but I won’t use the cup again so there is no point.




Wearing the cup

As I’m sure you’ll suspect…. sadly, a pointy ended moon shape is not the most comfortable stem design 😦

Normally I am aware of the stem of a cup for a little while after inserting a cup – not uncomfortable, but I can just feel it is there.  This one was more irritating than a regular tab stem.  I could feel the point of the moon stabbing/scratching me as I walked or did anything with my legs squeezed together.  It didn’t “hurt”, but it was annoying and uncomfortable.  It was however not as irritating as I find the long hollow tube stem that the Mooncup UK has.

Maybe it is something I would get used to the longer I wore it, and I am stubborn enough that the cuteness factor could make me put up with it more than I would have if it was clear or something 😀 but the fact the silicone had a funny smell meant I was already a bit wary of the cup, so I didn’t want to wear it for too long.  The main feature of this cup is the moon, so trimming it off would be a shame – although it would still be purple, so that would still be a bonus for me 🙂

— There are however heart shaped stem versions, for the smaller size, which would likely be a lot more comfortable to wear.

I wore the cup for about half an hour, and then removed it.  Now whether or not it was the stem poking/scratching which caused some irritation to my skin, or if there is something in on the material it is made from that has caused some irritation – I don’t know…. but I’ve tested out a lot of cups and I’ve never had any feeling of irritation before, but after using this cup, for about an hour later I had a “warm”, not quite stinging or burning, but almost like a milder version of that type of feeling in my vagina, which I presume was a mild irritation from this cup.  It felt to me that it was irritated more than just where the stem was poking, so I think it was a reaction to the material. So I won’t be wearing it again.

Someone pointed out that it could have been the “mold release” that was what I could smell. (which did lessen after it was washed and aired out, and gone completely now).  I do freely admit that I don’t boil or sanitise the cups before I use them, I give them a good wash with water and that is it – so while I’ve never had any issues with other cups doing this – maybe the “mold release” chemical stayed on the cup enough to cause the reaction and it might not have been the material.  I don’t know.  I did do a burn test to see if it was silicone, and it turned to ash and performed like burning silicone is supposed to do.  Which is not conclusive to show it is any particular form of silicone, but it proves it isn’t plastic.

Now, I am allergic to elastic and most metals – so I have sensitive skin that other people probably don’t have.  But then no other cup has been an issue. So I strongly feel there is was something in the material of this cup (or the mold release) that is not the same as the normal (more expensive) Medical Grade Silicone cups.


I personally don’t trust the safety of a cup that sells for such a low price.  I paid $4.80 for it, including the cost to post it to me…. and ebay fees, paypal fees and postage has to come out of that $3.80.  It wouldn’t be leaving much profit left for the seller.  I do have to wonder how much it cost the manufacturer to make them, and if they took any shortcuts or used inferior materials to make it cheaper.  The fact it smelled very much like “new plastic”, when the other cups don’t, is of concern to me.

That issue aside, the stem design is not very ergonomic.  It might be ok for some people, but then it is easy to cut the moon off if you need to.  Also the holes weren’t punched through, so you would need to punch them out yourself.  But if you’re paying less than $4 for a cup, you really can’t be picky about the quality.

The shape of the cup and feel of the silicone though are very good.  the shape is obviously copied from Lunette, like so many other cheap cups on the market… but legalities of that aside, it is a good shape I think.  The colour is quite pretty.  So other than the pokey stem issue (easily dealt with), the cup itself is a comfortable fit, and it didn’t appear to leak (though I didn’t wear it for long).

I love the look of this cup, but I would be hesitant to recommend it (or any of the other no-name cup brands being sold for less than $10 on ebay and the like) to others, because of the potential safety concerns, and the moon on the stem is uncomfortable.  The heart version would be a better choice.

See my detailed review & comparisons with other cups here.

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  1. That was my first thought when I saw these on ebay–there’s no way that moon stem can be comfortable. I always thought the heart stem ones looked super narrow and would be good for virgins with super high cervixes…but apparently not if they are sensitive to whatever the heck that cup came in contact with that bothered you. Sketchy.

    I have 2 Chinese cups I really like–the Rainbow and the iCare–but both seem to be real brand names rather than straight knockoffs.

    Comment by MC Community Member | February 15, 2015

  2. The pictures they show are misleading – the ones I have seen look long and thin – but it seems to be that the photos have just been edited to look elongated. They seem to be the same size as the Lunette.

    Comment by obsidian | February 16, 2015

  3. The smell definitely indicates it is not medical grade silicone. It is probably some cheap silicone, some plastic, and some pthalates to soften it (that is the smell). I would never put that in me if it smelled. The smell fading is called offgassing but would never make it actually safe. To me, an FDA approved tampon would be safer than mystery plastics.

    Comment by goodfamiliesdo | February 16, 2015

  4. Someone suggested it could be smell from a cheaper mold release agent (to help them pop out of the mold).

    The smell has seemed to go completely after being washed, used and left sitting out in the open.

    But since this is a very soft cup, and I have heard that a lot of the very cheap cups are also very soft – I have been wondering if one of the ways they have made them cheaper, is by adding more softeners.

    So I really don’t know.

    Comment by obsidian | February 16, 2015

  5. Thanks for this! I know now not to try them!

    Comment by Becky M | February 18, 2015

  6. I bought one of these and haven’t had any problems with it so far. I bought the purple/moon cup, too, because I, also, love purple and it was less than $2 with shipping. Mine didn’t have a smell, and haven’t had any irritation. I wiped it with alcohol and rinsed well when I received it and cleaned with warm water and baby wash right before I used it. I usually have to shorten the stem and this was no exception… so bye bye moon:( Also, I used a leather hole puncher to put 3 more air holes in it after my first use. It’s been working great for a few months. Just wanted to share my experience.

    Comment by NavyWife99 | April 28, 2015

  7. I bought a second one, from a different seller, and it didn’t have the same smell… So maybe it was just something to do with the one I got – maybe a bad batch or as someone else suggested, the “mold release” stuff was still on it?

    Comment by obsidian | May 5, 2015

  8. I have used cups for a few years now and tried this one – bought through a reseller. I’ve had a UTI two months in a row and this time realised it’s the cup. On the third day I become very irritated and then I feel itchy like I have thrush. No doubt this irritation allows a UTI to take hold. I don’t think it’s medical grade sadly. Stay away from it. Have never had an issue with a more expensive cup so I’m thinking I am sensitive to whatever is in this one!

    Comment by Patria | August 5, 2016

  9. Wow, you’re brave. I wouldn’t trust that thing inside me, especially given the smell! Thanks for reviewing this, I’ve been curious about the knockoffs but would never actually use one due to safety concerns. Those stems don’t look comfortable at all.

    Comment by Jaimie B | December 21, 2016

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