Menstrual Cups

Charity Programs Involving Cups

Some of the cup companies are involved in charity donations.

Femmecup has been donating to various charities.  Including providing cups to women in Uganda and to New Zealand following the earthquakes.


Insteads Softcups
Donates a softcup to a girl in Africa for every box of softcups sold.


In 2012 Juju donated 1000 cups to Days for Girls, and has donated cups to homeless women


Mooncup (UK)

Each year a portion of profits is given to each Mooncup team member, who chooses a charity to donate it to.


Mpower do charitable works in South Africa.


My Own Cup
Has the “Inkululeko Project” which donates cups to schoolgirls in South Africa.


Ruby Cup
With every purchase of a Ruby cup, they give a cup to a needy schoolgirl in Africa. They also work with

Menstrual Cup Donation projects

Sustainable Cycles

The Keeper, DivaCup, Lunette, My Own Cup & Ruby cup, have donated to this cause – which helps to educate American women about reusable menstrual products.

Freedom Cups

People can purchase cups which are then donated (or can be delivered if you’re traveling in areas where they are needed).  Seemingly using the Cheap Chinese cups.

The Cup

Looks like Lunette, RubyCup and Mooncup might be donating to this cause.


Distributing Ruby Cups in Nepal

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  1. Hi Obsidian^^

    I’m currently on a tablet, so couldn’t make sort of an extensive research ha, but here are a few others..

    Sustainable Cycles : MyOwnCup and Ruby Cup are part of it, too – at least, for the year 2015.

    Femmecup is a ‘big one’ too. We can have info about it by looking for “femmecup charity” on google, or on the news section of their official website.
    – In March 2011, they donated cups to women of Christchurch, New Zealand. (After the flood, I seem to remember?)
    – They are or have been involved with charitable projects in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya. See also the Nalini Project, in Nepal.
    – ‘Donate one for every one you buy’ program.
    Notably, they gave 150 cups to homeless women of London at last Christmas, via charity CRISIS. (I believe the data are these.. f I’m not confused among all the info, ah.)

    Softcup :

    MyOwnCup Inkululeko Project :

    Mooncup UK type of donations :

    Genti-She : on a facebook page, it appears they do some educating sessions to pupils in schools, in particular. Hum there’s been an Eva program..

    (Really not sure, but maybe Luv Ur Body is doing such things, too?)

    Comment by Quitterie | February 3, 2015

  2. Oh, Miacup ( : “Donates money from each sale to a local charity.”

    Confirmed by yourself ;o) ( : “I like that the company donates money from each sale to charity (and encourages customers to donate as well), and is concerned with environmental issues.”

    Comment by Quitterie | February 3, 2015

  3. Hi, just wanted to let you know that Ruby Cup also donates to Sustainable Cycles. Best, Maxie

    Comment by Maxie Matthiessen | July 23, 2015

    Mooncups (I guess UK ones) have been sent to India and Nepal, too. 😉

    Comment by Quitterie | August 4, 2015

  5. Hi there,

    I am hoping to find a registered charity that gives out menstrual cups and provides education on menstruation and sexual health.
    Can you recommend any registered charities please?

    Best regards,
    Hannah Morris

    Comment by Hannah Morris | October 30, 2016

  6. there are none on the registered charity list:

    Comment by Hannah Morris | October 30, 2016

  7. Sorry but I don’t have any more information than is here.

    You’d have to contact charities and check yourself.

    Comment by obsidian | October 30, 2016

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